A Tale of Two Cities – 2014


President Ronald Reagan sees America as the “Shining City on a Hill” shining the light of liberty on a desperate world.  Obama sees America as his personal piggy bank to make Washington, D.C. the richest region in the world.

Former Florida Representative, Col. Allen West, is known in liberal circles as an Uncle Tom for supporting the conservative ideology of the TEA Party and becoming a Republican.  West has condemned Barack Obama’s America as turning the Shining City on a Hill that stands for liberty and the last bastion of freedom in the world into Obamaville.  America’s first African-American president, he said, rules from Washington as a dictator whose policies have no consequence to him, but grave consequences for the country.  West condemned Republicans for not pushing back against the Obama agenda with all the vigor and dedication with which President Ronald Reagan did.

A tale of two cities — the 2014 version – AllenBWest.com

The Shining City on a Hill or Obamaville

To Ronald Reagan, America was the Shining City on the Hill, the world’s last, best hope for liberty.  To Obama, Washington is the shining city to which he is gathering the nation’s wealth, and the rest of the country is Obamaville his opponent’s and his voter slaves exist.  Col. West spoke at the Reagan Ranch Center to students of the Young America’s Foundation about how they represent the hope of the nation, quite the contrary to Barack Obama’s announcement this week that illegal immigrant children are the hope for America’s future.

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