Democrats thrilled with Uncle Tom voters in Mississippi

Rush on Uncle Tom voters - EIB

Rush Limbaugh righteously mocked the GOP and liberal Democrats over black voters engaging in the Republican primary in Mississippi.  Contesting in a run-off with the TEA Party candidate for a majority, moderates controlling the party enlisted Democrats by demonizing the TEA Party as racist.  These actions are ripping the party apart as the conservative base of the Republican Party is being shat upon by their own leaders.

Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) achieved what no other Republican has and turned out the black vote for the GOP last month.  Locked in a run-off with the TEA Party candidate, Chris McDaniel, Thad hooked on the secret of success in convincing black voters to turn against the Democrat Party and be Uncle Toms like Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, and Allen West, to support a Republican candidate to represent their state.  The liberal media and Democrats at large have had nothing but praise for Thad drawing the Democrats to vote for him.

Democrats have been saying that Republicans need to take up their causes if they want to win elections, and that if they don’t then what Democrats want will happen more quickly.  Cochran is well known in Mississippi to bring federal dollars into the state that has seen so much economic depression.  Members of the Democrat Party are happy to have Cochran in their ranks as a RINO and hope to profit from his achievement in November.

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