Every generation must fight for freedom

occupy_wall_street_new_york_2 - Jamie NYC

[The Sucker Generation has been duped by Democrats into believing that Republicans are the ones stealing away their wealth and futures as Obama sucks America’s taxpayer dry.  Wall Street cannot steal money from the people, but government can and is right under their noses and with their support.  The Occupy Wall Street crowd protested the rich people they believe are stealing from them while voting for the rich people (Democrats) who are stealing from them.]

“Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness.  When experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual.  Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.  This is the condition of children and barbarians, in whom instinct has learned nothing from experience.” – George Santayana

Everyone is born a liberal, or more correctly, a Leftist, and a barbarian.  In other words, barbarians will destroy civilization and our own ignorant children are the barbarians at the gate.  If we do not teach them morality and help them mature then they will destroy us and reduce themselves to savages.

This is why learning America’s history of how and why this nation became great is so important.  They need to be taught why America is exceptional among all nations in all the world, or see civilization fall as did Rome and leave the world in another Dark Age of a thousand years.  Today’s children are not being taught why America is great, they are being taught that America is the Great Satan causing all the evil in the world.

America was founded on liberty and, as all living things always are, born in blood because freedom isn’t free but must be fought for to remove tyrants.  Every generation must learn to fight for freedom, but that does not always mean they must wage war on the battlefield.  Not all wars involve armies killing one another.  Some wars are fought in the public forum, in the schools, and in your own home.

Democrats like Barack Obama believe America is the Great Satan of the world and that children, especially those of rich white people, must be taught to make things right by giving away the prosperity for which their parents labored to the rest of the world who live under tyrants.  If Americans do not teach their children patriotism and righteousness, then they will fall prey to the frauds and scams of the Left as they have been doing for the last six national elections.  Since 2006, young people have been giving Democrats power to destroy themselves and believing what they are told to blame Republicans because they are too ignorant to understand how prosperity is achieved.

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