GOP House Majority Leader loses primary shaking politicians to their core

cantorboehner - AP

[Cantor (R-VA) loses his seat for standing firmly with Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) who has repeatedly spit on the TEA Party conservatives to whom he owes his current position.  Boehner is willing to work with Democrats until the people say its his turn to play with our tax dollars.  Conservatives want none of the socialism or high taxes that come with Democrat policies.]

Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his seat in the Virginia primary this week.  Did you, like the idiot Gecko of Geico, think the TEA Party was over?  Did you believe they are too “extreme” to succeed?  Did you think the Republican Establishment was beating them?  Then you know nothing of the TEA Party!  It is the patriots of the TEA Party that are fighting “The Man.”  The TEA Party will not die until America dies because we are the truest American patriots!

“The Man,” whom silly liberals believe they are fighting, is the government they voted for that is ruling against the will of the majority.  Obama and the Democrats have been doing so since being elected to power in 2008.  Obama has not failed as Rush Limbaugh hoped, but has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams to implement his doctrine on America.

The Obama Doctrine – Managing America’s Decline

While you have been hearing from the leftwing media that TEA Party candidates are losing to Republicans, if you believe what they say then you are the fool.  The TEA Party is not the rabid racists that Obama portrays them to be, not extremists, but American patriots in the purest sense of the word.  The TEA Party began the Revolution in 1773 over taxes, enlisted to fight the Revolutionary War, drafted the Declaration of Independence, established the Constitution by which we have lived and prospered for over two centuries.

The patriots of the TEA Party fought the Civil War to maintain the Union and abolish slavery.  We fought prohibition and the establishment of the Federal Reserve.  We fought fascism in WWII.

We fought for lower taxes as Democrats fought for higher taxes.  We fought for Civil Rights while Democrats plotted their “Great Society” of welfare voter slaves.  And now we are fighting a government that is governing against the will of the people squandering our children’s futures.

While we have been silenced for most of the 20th century as Democrats raised the federal tax rates from 7% to an average of 40% for middle class families, we resurged in 1980 against Democrat tax and waste and found our voice on radio and television through Christian conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and the FOX News team.  In 2010 the TEA Party patriots became not only resurgent, but rebellious when Democrats got Barack Obama elected by torpedoing the economy in 2007 and 2008, even to the point of crashing the mortgage banks they had established to plunge America into this recession.  Then they cranked taxes through ObamaCare and began printing and “borrowing” (i.e. stealing from our children) over a trillion dollars a year in deficit spending!  Republican moderates have done little but whine as they took advantage of the resurgence and mounted the leadership of the GOP while drooling over their chance to profit from those taxes.

The rise of conservatism has thrown a bucket of water in their faces as the people rebel against an out of control government taking their money and instituting policies that are rending the American Dream.  Do you think Republican policies caused this Great Recession?  That trickle-down economics doesn’t work?  Then you stand with the ignorant liberals who believe everything they are told and know nothing about how business works.

Prosperity does not come by stealing from the rich to give to the poor.  That’s how socialists operate, tyrants who are nothing more than thieves preying on those who work for a living.  Americans have prospered mightily under the Reagan Doctrine, but liberals refuse to see it, instead believing that their prosperity was only for the 1%.  Yet the only time the middle class has suffered a loss of income has been during the Supermajority Democrat years under FDR, Carter, and now Obama.

If you voted Democrat in 2006, you contributed to the collapse of our economy by giving the reigns to Democrats.  If you blame Bush, then you are the dupe of the Democrats and the liberal media.  If you think Obama is trying to transform America into a prosperous nation, then you are a complete idiot when it comes to his motives and policies.

There is shame on the people of Ohio for not booting John Boehner in the primary.  The GOP has torpedoed itself to keep fiscal conservatives out of the Senate.  As Speaker of the House, Boehner has assisted in that effort.  At this point, it would be worth it to give his seat to a Democrat because he acts like and works with them to the detriment of the nation.

If you think the TEA Party conservatives want to take away your right to vote, you are right.  Tax payers should be the only ones deciding how their money is spent, not tax parasites who vote on how much they should be allowed to take from them in benefits.  It is not right that those who work for a living are having their pay stolen by those who vote for a living.

The TEA Party knows that Republicans represent the former and strive to create jobs, while Democrats see businesses as an opportunity for a shake down.  America has been corrupted by the Left to the breaking point.  Either the TEA Party patriots will renew the American spirit or America will die.  There is no future with the Democrat socialists for those who would prosper by their own effort, only those who would steal from others.

The Sucker Generation – Millenials not waking up to being duped

Obama has taken credit for lowering the unemployment rate by removing twelve million people from the job market.  Were it not for the Republic of Texas, the American economy would have been shrinking rather than growing the tiny amount it has been during his tenure.  America’s youth, living with their parents, had better take their heads out of their rectums and wake up to the lies they are being told by Democrats and the media.

Perfect conservatives do not exist, but perfect liberals do


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