All Democrat policies are to benefit the people – NOT!

Democrats say they are for the little guy, but all of their policies has done is keep the little guy down.  High taxes keep employers from growing their companies to create more jobs.  Minority groups all clamor for privileges because they are told they’re being victimized by old, rich, white men.  And liberals continue to perpetrate the fraud of man causing climate change to convince the gullible to give up their gold.

No Democrat program has ever benefited anyone, but has cost the nation a century of economic growth and stolen the prosperity of the middle class.  No nation on Earth has ever had a middle class that grew like America’s under Republican leadership and entrepreneurs.  Under Democrats like Wilson, FDR, Johnson, Carter, and Obama, the middle class has suffered the most.

Only Truman and Clinton are the exceptions because they had a strong conservative Republican Congress.  Kennedy did well because he had to the good sense to lower taxes.  History has proven that the higher the taxes, the less the economy, because economies don’t grow when government drains them.

A)  Create jobs?

No Democrat program devised in the last century was designed to help create more jobs and grow the economy.  For all of Obama’s talk every Labor Day about creating jobs to “rebuild roads and bridges,” nothing ever comes from Democrat policies except higher taxes for those who do work for a living.  Every bastion of Democrat power in the country is deteriorating and failing because Democrats make a far greater effort to milk them of wealth than they have ever empowered them to generate wealth.

Beginning with the income tax and Social Security, Democrats only objective is higher taxation.  Wilson and FDR both initiated confiscatory taxes on the rich causing depressions that lasted for years.  As history has proven, when government steals from those who produce, the drive to produce falls.

On top of that, the income tax is nothing more than double taxation.  People have always been taxed on what they spend.  Now government takes from what they earn before they spend it, and still tax what they spend again.

Social Security was instituted to help people during their retirement years and was supposed to be a voluntary tax.  It didn’t take Democrats eight years before they made it mandatory for everyone, and in less than forty years they decided there was too much surplus.  In 1969 Democrats emptied the Social Security Fund and remade it into “retirement insurance,” spending the surplus and moving the program into the general fund.

From there they dole out what they want rather than return the amount people have paid into the program toward their retirement.  Efforts to get retirement out of the hands of greedy politicians have been met with condemnation that such efforts are to steal the people’s savings.  Democrats never miss an opportunity to dupe the people into believing that they are acting in their best interests when they are only working to secure their own income.

Contrary to everything Democrats say government does not create jobs except by taking money from someone else first.  Government does not build anything; they contract out and pay for it with money they take from other people.  Those roads and bridges that get you to work, those schools that teach your children, are all paid for by the taxpayers and the businesses at which they work.  Government did not build them so you could be educated and get to work, businesses paid for them so they could have better employees and travel more easily.

B)   Protect women, gay, youth, and minority rights?

Democrats have some people believing that Republicans want to take away women’s contraception so they’ll be pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen.  Name the Republican who said that and Democrats would make you famous, except that no such person exists.  While liberals always say they are protecting the rights of women, gays, minorities, and anyone else in a special interest group, what they are always doing is feeding them propaganda and lies that ignorant voters never bother to investigate.

Special interest groups all vote Democrat because they are promised to be given special privileges.  They are told they have been cheated by the “old, white men” who run the country.  All of the groups that vote Democrat do so for one of two reasons; one, they get money, and two, they’re duped.

The groups who vote majority Democrat include 90% of blacks, 70% of Hispanics, and then there are Jews, Moslems, gays, illegal aliens, women, and the liberal young.  Where Republican’s philosophy is to empower people to work to create wealth, Democrat’s philosophy is that they are victims who deserve a government that will steal back the wealth that was stolen from them.  What each of these groups has in common is their philosophy that they deserve more than they have worked for and believe Democrats will give it to them.

Republicans believe in a government that will protect the people who work, while Democrats believe in a government that will steal from the rich and give to the poor because the rich only became rich by stealing from the poor.  Republicans say no one ever got a job from a poor man.  Those poor who are greedy and envious of those who have prospered are happy to have a government that will steal for them so they don’t have to take the risk themselves.

C)   Save the planet from CO2?

Combustion is the cause of 5% of the planet’s CO2, while 90% is caused by decomposition.  Do they want everything to stop everything from dying as well as stop burning, breathing, and producing cow farts?  These people who turn their noses up at ‘bottom-feeders’ would sh*t a brick if they knew what farmers use to fertilize their vegetables.

Every argument liberals make about man causing climate change can easily be shot down by elementary science.  Burning oil pumped form the ground is bad but burning corn oil is okay because it’s “organic” as if oil is not?  Every “greenhouse gas” produced by man’s industry is produced in nature tenfold, and plants thrive on CO2.

“But we’re cutting down the rainforest?”  They don’t think the ocean grows algae?  The Earth’s ecology has been around far longer than human beings’ industry.  It can take care of itself.

The bottom line of the ‘save the planet’ campaign is that Democrats demand more of your money.  Who wants that?  Their friends to whom they are redistributing the wealth while pocketing the lion’s share for themselves.  As people realize they are being defrauded, Leftists come up with “new greenhouse gases” and other “discoveries proving man-caused climate change,” so they can continue to shake down businesses and taxpayers to “save the Earth” from the human virus.

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When it comes to the economy and government, conservatives work to level the playing field to give everyone equal opportunity to succeed.  Liberals work to divide and clear the playing field and let the weaker players ride on the backs of the strongest.  All this so that those who would rather sit on the bench dreaming of having box seats will vote for them to remain as coach.  Conservatism is about equal opportunity, while liberalism is about equal outcomes that are all bad.

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