People vote Democrat for handouts

Liberals like to tell the tale that Republicans are only for the 1%.  But those of us who work and pay taxes for a living know that’s a lie, that they are really for businesses to prosper and grow and create jobs for all of us and not just the select few who serve the party.  So why do a majority of women and minority groups vote Democrat?

People do not because they want jobs.  They do not vote Democrat because they want to save the planet.  They don’t because there is a war on women, gays, blacks, or whatever.  People vote Democrat because Democrats promise handouts.  They promise to steal from those who produce and give to deadbeats so they’ll vote for them.

“Those who work for a living are being overwhelmed by those who vote for a living.” – Rush Limbaugh

1)    Unions get bigger benefits

Unions guarantee a good salary and benefits, but they all come at a cost to pay union bosses big bucks, and no one who excels is rewarded for their extra work. In socialism there is no incentive to exceed the minimum.  But there is always negative incentive, threats, if one does not toe the union line.

While union members get benefits and fixed pay increases, their bosses get the lion’s share of Democrat largess.  The advantage of union pay is always a higher starting salary.  But in companies without unions the opportunity to advance far beyond those who do the minimum knows no bounds.  States with Right to Work laws rather than union governance have higher salaries for those who do better in the workforce.

2)    The rich get tax cuts

Think Republicans are the ones who give tax cuts and create loopholes for the rich?  Democrats have controlled Congress 90% of the last eighty years and have more wealthy members and rich contributors than Republicans.  CEOs like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have accountants who use those loopholes to save them from paying the high tax rates Democrats say the rich should pay for their fair share.

There is nothing illegal about loopholes, despite how nefarious Democrats like to make them sound.  They exist because congressmen made them so that their friends wouldn’t have to pay as much in taxes as the other guy.  Sometimes the other guy finds ways to use those same loopholes, and then they demonize him as a greedy bastard for “cheating the people.”

3)    Contributors get subsidies

People like Warren Buffet and Jeffrey Imelt don’t become wealthy businessmen like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs because they build a better mousetrap and the world beats a path to their door.  They do so by getting their friends elected into government so they can use their power to restrict their competition and open markets for their own products.  Freon is a classic example of government fabricating a bogus danger in order to remove a product from the market and replace it with the inferior product of their friends.

Democrats demonize oil companies for getting subsidies and levy heavier taxes on them to make them pay their fair share.  Conservatives speak the obvious when they say that there should be no government subsidies and simply make a flat tax, and that would be fair and equal to everybody.  But Democrats, who are all about being “fair,” will have none of that!

4)    Minorities get freebies

Food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, ObamaCare, public housing, public transportation, all government charities that have gone horribly wrong.  What little benefit is gained from these programs is more than offset by the damage they do to the economy.  Worse, they make able-bodied citizens into deadbeat voter slaves.

The few who truly need a leg up are overwhelmed by those who want a hand out.  Government programs to help the poor are far less about making their lives better than about stealing from those who work for a living to give to those who vote for a living.  No Democrat bastion has flourished economically or helped people to rise out of poverty, but have rather done the exact opposite.  People are too ignorant, too lazy, and too complacent to put forth the effort to make their lives better when their Democrat overlords are holding them down giving them table scraps.

Democrat Reid condemns Koch brothers as “un-American” for contributing to Republicans

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