Democrats call for legalizing killing Bundy and anyone accused of racism

Nevada’s Bundy ranch and the Supreme Court of the United States have something in common – they are occupied by racists.  Racists who keep the black man down, disparage people of color, and slander African-American individuals who is unedumacated.  They’s oppressin’ minorities, keepin’ dem from education that is reserved for white kids.

Bundy speaking about condition of today’s black family

While Bundy’s choice of words worked only to fuel the fires of liberal race baiting, it is obvious that he was not advocating a return to slavery as they say.  Bundy said, “I’m wondering if blacks are better off today than they were under slavery?”  His argument included a reference to blacks being better off learning to pick cotton rather than sit around all day looking for trouble.

It’s sickening to see so many on the Right run for cover and denounce him for his poorly worded argument.  Like blacks are so much better off as voter slaves than they were in the old South.  His point was that black culture has deteriorated so badly in having freedom, but is still being subjected to oppression by their white overlords – except now they vote for them.

One young black woman with a brain gets it!

Bundy guilty of racism for speaking the truth about black culture

The Supreme Court struck down Michigan’s Affirmative Action laws as being in violation of the 14th Amendment.  This amendment was made so that minorities could not be discriminated against over race.  Affirmative Action was put in place because minorities were still discriminated against into the late 20th century.

Supreme Court overthrows Affirmative Action

O’Reilly applauds Affirmative Action struck down

Today, black culture has deteriorated to the most corrupt depths of depravity, and saying so gets people called “racist.”  If pointing out that blacks, who make up 12% of the population, account for 50% of the crime, 50% of abortions, 60% of drug abuse, and 75% of fatherless children.  This isn’t the result of oppression by whites.  This is the result of the race grievance industry of people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Black culture glorifies all of the worst aspects of society and it has been their undoing.  Black Panthers, race grieving, and blaming others for their condition today no longer flies in the face of students who threaten their teachers rather than do as they are told.  White people who say they should turn away from black culture are cursed for saying they should “act white.”  Conservative Christians like Herman Cain, Col. Allen West, SC Justice Clarence Thomas, and Dr. Ben Carson are spurned as “Uncle Toms.”  (Uncle Tom was a noble slave who advocated righteousness, but is debased by black culture.)

If saying they should stop “hooking up with baby mamas” and raise their children as a parent, telling them to stop degrading women as “ho’s and bitches” and treat them as sweethearts and wives, making them put down the basketball and do their homework makes me a racist, then you can kiss my white *ss!  So long as there is a political party like the Democrats who advocate stealing as a way of life, that someone else is responsible for your circumstance and owes you, then minorities in America have nowhere to go but down.  No one makes the bed you lie in but you.

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