Americans caught between Barack and Obama as Democrats propose stealing savings

In ObamaCare’s first month of receiving patients, only 50 thousand have signed up while one hundred times those have lost their insurance due to the new ObamaCare regulations.  Insurance companies, like the people, were easily duped into believing the one thousand pages of the new law would benefit them, only to find that the additional twenty thousand pages of regulations added after it was passed would throw them all over a cliff.  No individual contracts will remain forcing somewhere between fifteen and fifty million people out of their insurance and into the higher costs of ObamaCare for the same coverage.

Millions lose insurance due to ObamaCare by design

Barack came out and agreed with President Clinton that the people were told by President Obama must be set right by allowing people to keep their insurance as he promised.  But President Obama knows that Barack’s intentions are false as those plans are no longer available per the mandates and that changing the law to suit a few million people would destroy its purpose.  Democrats who are up for re-election in 2014 are pleading with Barack to convince President Obama that it must be done to save their campaigns.

Democrats afraid for their re-elections

Meanwhile, conservatives who have been praying for people to be enlightened about the economic danger and damage of ObamaCare are finally seeing their fellow citizen’s eyes opened.  The Tea Party has fought nonstop to defund and repeal the ObamaCare law, but the Republican Party has been standing against them.  The GOP leadership is now trying to work with Democrats to “fix” ObamaCare.  But they know full well that the program is meant to bring Americans into a government run single-payer program whereby they can levy far greater taxes on the people.

Rush reveals the full extent of the Obama led disaster

To cope with the pending financial crisis that America will face when Democrats’ spending and debt become unsustainable, Obama and his fellow radicals have been discussing raiding private pensions, 401k and other savings account, and even stealing from people’s bank accounts to obtain funds to pay for their crony wealth redistribution.  Although the president expects millions of Americans may be upset by having their finances confiscated by the government in order to keep those living on government benefits like welfare and food stamps happy, liberals propose taking as many guns away as possible, especially rifles, to reduce their ability to withstand a police state.  Obama’s revenge will be complete when he inflicts his social justice vengeance on America’s who have prospered for generations and brings them down.  He believes this will bring about a better America.

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