King of chaos; Obama wreaks havoc on insurance with imperial edicts

President Obama is calling insurance executives onto the carpet in the White House today.  Having outlawed their policies and forcing them to change them through ObamaCare, and then blaming them when their policy alterations made their clientele subject to ObamaCare law of having altered policies cancelled, Barack is attempting to set right the lies told by President Obama that people could keep their policies.  Since the TEA Party and GOP have been making political gains since the disastrous rollout of ObamaCare to the point that even Democrats are asking for intervention to save their seats in Congress, Barack is working to fix the damage done by President Obama and the boobs in Washington.

President Obama mocked TEA Party predictions and now Barack is saving him

Since the GOP helped Democrats mock and stifle the TEA Party over wanting ObamaCare defunded and repealed, now that the predictions of Sens. Cruz and Lee are coming to pass they are not just sitting back and enjoying the show.  It is said that when your enemy is committing suicide, sit back and do nothing.  Where the TEA Party conservatives wanted to help them along, the Republican leadership is working with Democrats to help them “fix” ObamaCare.

Rush Limbaugh spoke for conservatives how they are flabbergasted that they would be helping Democrats ‘cut the rope’ rather than watching them do a gallow’s jig!  Democrats are reaping just a piece of the damage they have sown in ObamaCare since Obama has already deferred the business mandates for a year.  If the GOP helps them overcome the rollout debacle and keep them in office in 2014, when the full destruction of ObamaCare hits policies in 2015 and a hundred million insurance policies burn, they will have little to fear for the 2016 election.

Obama has been prospering from the chaos he has inflicted on America and will do more damage to insurance companies.  By raising his scepter over their heads and commanding them to make good on Barack’s promise regardless of the cost to their companies, he will shake the economic foundations of America even more than his debt has done.  No company can function efficiently when they have an imperial president making laws from his throne in the Oval Office.  Presidents are not meant to micromanage businesses, which is why chaos ensues as Obama continues to drive America to disaster.

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