GOP leaders, donors want to primary TEA Party candidates, time for 3rd party

Moderate Republicans who currently hold the leadership of the GOP and their donors are working toward eliminating conservative TEA Party candidates during the 2014 primaries.  The GOP announced they would pull funding for all TEA Party candidates and work toward having them replaced with more moderate Republicans who will work with Obama.  Conservatives of the TEA Party all expressly object to the Democrat agenda and want to abolish Obama’s healthcare seizure and the crushing federal debt he is accumulating.

Republican moderates want to crush the TEA Party

Moderates have the same agenda as liberals when it comes to spending.  Their only desire is to have control of the federal checkbook so it can be they who decide where to spend taxpayer’s money to benefit their friends.  With the independents leaving the Democrat Party in droves, the liberal propaganda that Republicans must court the independent vote has turned to a new scam that Republicans must court the moderate vote.

GOP moderates want to stack the Republican Party with moderates

Rush Limbaugh and many others have argued that a third party is not the way to go.  This is because third party candidates, like the Libertarian candidate in Virginia, will always siphon off enough votes from either the Democrat or Republican candidates to cost one of them the election.  While conservatives have been making an effort to retake the Republican Party from the moderates who have taken control by pandering like liberals, those moderates are now cutting off conservatives from party funds.  Conservatives are left with no choice but to split off and fund their own party rather than waste their donations on a Republican Party that is happy to play second fiddle to Democrats and waste taxpayer’s money.

Even Rush doesn’t yet see that a third party must be the answer



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