Republican moderates hated on Cruz, now want to help Obama

Republican moderates hated on Cruz, now want to help Obama

In October, the Republican moderates that compose the current leadership of the GOP added their voice to those of Democrats who were cursing him for his filibuster to try to defund ObamaCare.  Boehner and Co. said that Cruz had no votes in the Senate to back up his play so was wasting everyone’s time in a vain effort.  He and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that it would be wiser to stay out of the way and let ObamaCare go into effect so that people would experience the damage that Obama’s signature legislation would do to them.  Once they got a real taste of ObamaCare they would be begging for it to be repealed.

Rush tests the Republican Establishment’s dedication to eliminate ObamaCare

Now that ObamaCare is imploding, Democrats want to delay the individual mandate for a year so that it does not affect their 2014 re-election campaigns.  Obama does not want to delay the individual mandate because ObamaCare is working as designed with insurance companies cancelling millions and leaving them nowhere else to go.  While he delayed the employer mandate so that people didn’t lose their jobs for a year, the devastation from the individual mandate is still having the same destructive effect causing millions to turn to the Republican Party.

Moderates are the new independents

Democrats have been fooling the moderate Republican leadership for the last few years that they must abandon their base and seek the favor of independents.  Liberal media have been stroking the 20% of people who enter voting booths ignorant of what their government is doing by telling them they are the smart, nuanced, and objective deciders of elections.  Now that they are sowing what Obama has been reaping, they have turned to Republicans who are still losing elections because they have alienated their conservative base.

ObamaCare will defraud Americans a hundred times more than Madoff


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