Sorry you didn’t like Obama’s lies, but we need no alternative, says Palin

Following the revelation by non-conservatives that Obama lied about ObamaCare not costing anyone their coverage or doctors, liberals and moderates looked to Obama to apologize.  The apology he offered was not for lying, but to say he’s sorry people don’t like his policies, which is like slapping someone in the face and then saying, it’s too bad you don’t like your face to hurt.

Matt Lauer on “Today” asked Gov. Sarah Palin what alternatives the TEA Party offers if they should do away with ObamaCare.  The answer is that the TEA Party doesn’t have to offer any alternative to the stupidity and corruption of ObamaCare.  The problems with health care and medical costs are not going to be solved by a government takeover of the medical system.

“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth.  When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.” – Thomas Sowell

Sarah Palin rejects moderation

Palin pointed out that government debt and ObamaCare are nothing less than another form of slavery being inflicted on taxpayers and those in the medical field.

ObamaCare debt is slavery

The corruption of insurance companies over the last few decades has been due entirely to leftist lawyers seeking to prosper at the expense of people who buy insurance by suing them for excessive amounts over mediocre grievances.  On the flip side, to counter their losses insurance companies have jacked rates way up, invested for profit, and rejected covering those who paid for insurance protection when they begin needing their coverage.  Both of these could be remedied by moderate legislation, first to stop greedy lawyers, and second to stop greedy executives.

Whether debt is incurred by a black president or a white president means nothing to the taxpayers of the TEA Party, and despite liberal attempts to demonize them as racists they don’t hold a candle to Obama’s racism to destroy rich white men.  Racist liberals have worked to divide America between every demographic group and then cast themselves as the champions of the minority, of which every demographic group is a minority.  Now that their pledge of free healthcare is being revealed to be the pandering prop of their own greedy selves, moderates are beginning to open their eyes to the fact that they have been duped, while liberals just fall into the category of Lincoln’s “some of the people can be fooled all of the time.”

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