Tea Party composed of righteous Americans slandered by the Left

Liberals love to portray the Right, especially the Tea Party and Republicans, as evil.  People who believe that opinions are facts are Leftists.  They give themselves many names to mask their nature, even to the point of taking the names of the Right.  This is why the term liberal, which a century ago meant someone who believed in technological advancement within the moral principles of God, now means being able to do whatever you want based on your own moral standards and have others pay for you to live your lifestyle.  Classical liberals today is called conservative Christianity while modern “social” liberalism is nothing more than the new name for socialism, the ideology of the people all serving under a single dictator who makes them all live as he directs according to his own morality.

Leftists have the same character traits of the immature mind.  They will deny facts and project their own values on others, which explains why they believe the righteous to be hateful, bigoted, and corrupt.  Leftists who reject God and say they believe in science also reject that science in favor of their opinions.  This is how they come to the conclusions that evolution is not a theory but a fact, that man-made global warming is not their politics or religion but a fact, and that God does not exist but that people have some gene that makes them believe in the delusion of God.

Liberals would benefit more if they turned their attention to what gene they lack to explain why they don’t have morals and are so immature as to deny facts.  Conservatives understand that this is not a matter of DNA, but a simple lack of education.  Liberals believe man is born good and is corrupted by the world.  Conservatives believe man is born evil and must learn righteousness.

Observation of children easily debunks the liberal view whose opinion is based on their feelings for their precious little baby.  When that toddler, who is not taught to hit, or steal, or hate, goes over to another child, hits them, and takes their toy, they blame others for their child’s corruption.  A conservative understands that a child must be taught to be respectful of others and to share.

Human beings are animals until they are taught morality.  Liberals, who lack a moral compass due to lack of education, are confused when their children behave like animals because they were never taught to behave like human beings and deny that they are responsible for this omission.  Taking responsibility for oneself and one’s own actions is a trait of the righteous and a result of moral education.

Where people get in trouble is in a faulty belief in honesty due to the fact that no individual is 100% righteous, but all are flawed and corrupt, hence the truism; to err is human, to forgive divine.  The “old sayings” that liberals spurn believing they know better are truths that they reject at their peril.  But as Will Rogers said,

“Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.”

The worst judgment made in America today is that the Tea Party was born, not of responsible adults horrified at a corrupt government stealing trillions of dollars in taxes from the people, but from the racial bigotry of the KKK, is the greatest crime of leftist propaganda in America.  The Tea Party movement began the day Barack Obama, who happens to be America’s first black president, signed the 2008 federal budget that was supposed to be passed by President Bush.  This budget, drawn up by the Democrat controlled Congress, included $1.4 trillion in deficits.  A deficit is spending more money that you have by borrowing against future income.

Obama claimed to be fiscally conservative during his campaign so that people, ignorant of his nature and history, would vote for him to replace the Republican president who doubled the national debt.  That debt, like all federal debt, was run up by Democrats in Congress during the years under President Bush that they controlled half or all of Congress.  The debt during the four years Republicans controlled Congress fell from $400 billion to $167 billion.  Despite economic growth, the liberal media subjected the people to rabid propaganda to convince them Republicans were ruining the economy.

When Democrats set off their ticking time bomb of sub-prime mortgages to collapse the economy just before the election in 2008, they made their propaganda come true.  After being elected to a Supermajority, Democrats passed the greatest deficit and the greatest middle class tax increase in history.  This has resulted in a great recession in which there is no economic or job growth, leaving ten million fewer people in the work force than there were under President Bush.

Obama continues to blame Bush and Republicans for all the ills his policies have wrought and pretends to be fighting for the people against “evil Republicans,” especially the “racist Tea Party,” to build America back up.  His policies, however, are all designed to deconstruct America and remake it in his image of a socialist state, all of which are always overseen by dictators.  As in all things Leftist, deception is propagated to convince the people that honorable President Bush was a liar and the dishonest Barack Obama tells the truth.

As Obama divides America through racism, sexism, and bigotry, he distracts the people from his policy making to destroy the American Dream and create a socialist slave state with himself as the dictator.  This man, who has no experience or knowledge of how an economy works that allows it to grow, but believes that socialism works despite a century of failures, is driving America over a cliff.  His violent turn to the Left is opposed by 60% of Americans who recognize the fiscal abyss toward which he is accelerating.

The Tea Party, the most fiscally conservative group whose candidates all stand against government control of the people, for permitting each to prosper according their own efforts, is the greatest obstacle that the Left faces in their efforts to inflict socialism, and it’s progenies; Communism, Fascism, and Nazism, on the people.  The Tea Party, contrary to the propaganda of the Left smearing them as racists, includes every honorable American from every faction in the country.  If the Tea Party were a racist organization, then people like Herman Cain, Col. Allen West, Star Parker, Dr. Ben Carson, and many others would not be members.

The Left’s only answer to why these people, whom they say the Tea Party is against support the Tea Party, is that they are corrupt working for their own benefit, again projecting their own ethics on the righteous.  Facts speak for themselves, where in the liberal world facts are to be scorned and tarnished to muddy the waters for those who do not have a good basis of morally righteous ethical values.  For the past fifty years Leftists have been infecting America’s schools to teach children their values and keep them from learning about God and America.

Next time a Leftist challenges you on Obama’s truthfulness, ask them why they believe Barack Obama is a Christian as he claims when his church believes in the Jesus of the Koran and not the Christ of the Bible?  Next time a Leftist says you are destroying the planet with global warming gases, ask him why the Earth has been cooling the last fifteen years?  Next time a Leftist says that capitalism is “unfair,” ask him how socialism is fair when the government steals all the wealth from the people?

No one ever became wealthy by spending money.  The Tea Party organized because America’s government, specifically the Democrat Party with the help of Republican moderates, believe they can spend people’s money better than the individuals who earned their money can.  Taxation drains the economy, which is why the economy has suffered so much under Democrats.  And making slaves of doctors and nurses by forcing them to become government servants is not the solution to reducing the costs of healthcare.

Any time a Democrat uses the word “fair,” it is his assertion that “fair” is when you do as he wants.  This is the mantra by which control freaks fool others into abiding by their dictates rather than choose righteously or not.  Democrats are no different than the criminals from whom they were spawned.  Government to them is not a guardian that protects people from criminals, but an oppressor whom people must serve for “protection” from them.  That is why the Tea Party came into being, because the government has stopped protecting citizens from criminals and has become the tyrant citizens must fear.

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