Tea Party activist suggests, ‘If Obama was white, I’d be a Democrat’

All liberals know that the Tea Party is the new KKK, that Republicans are racists that hate blacks, Mexicans, homosexuals, and women.  They understand that conservatives wanting a balanced federal budget are delusional, and that the rich stole the wealth from all the people of America who live in poverty.  What is obvious to them is that businessmen want people to be homeless, starving, and dying in the streets without healthcare.

All conservatives know that liberals are deluding themselves that their rhetoric is the truth because they keep on repeating it in order to distract from their mission to destroy America and re-found it as a socialist dictatorship.  It means nothing to liberals that the Tea Party began the day that President Obama signed what was supposed to be President Bush’s last budget.  Obama pumped it full “stimulus,” bailouts, and the omnibus for over $1.4 trillion dollars in deficits that was supposed to “stimulate” the economy that was tanking due to the mortgage bank collapse.

The collapse wasn’t due to the way the Republicans ran the economy, but due to Democrat manipulation to redirect the cattle to vote for them.  They believe that if the president was white then the Tea Party would be perfectly happy with Obama’s peddling socialism, racial hatred, and division.  They think that they would support the president’s stealing trillions of taxpayer dollars and spending their money on his friends.

What the fact of the matter is, Obama is a socialist Moslem who claims to be a conservative Christian, and while he is initiating policies that are shredding America’s culture and economy, he is making the pretense of being a bystander fighting for the little guy against the powers in Washington.  For simple liberal minds this becomes their truth, just as mocking and demonizing Republicans replaces their argument with conservative values because they have no values of their own, just a willingness to destroy America.

The only value in Obama not being white is that Americans couldn’t make jokes about how he is n*gger-rigging healthcare the way he did the economy.  For those who don’t understand workman jargon there are three ways things are done; doing the job right, jury-rigging it so it works but looks like crap, and n*gger-rigging it so it looks like it works but it’s worthless crap.  The age of the word n*gger being a synonym for black is long gone except in liberal minds who likewise believe racism and white supremacy are synonymous.

Today, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s plea that people not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, the term n*gger no longer means someone with black skin, but someone who is a lazy, greedy, envious freeloader who only looks for ways to steal from others demanding something for nothing.  Obama’s rise to power is a textbook freeloader with no skills or knowledge except how to diminish his opponents in the eyes of voters and fool millions of people into believing he has the answers to questions he doesn’t even know.  When Jesus said, “A child will lead them,” he wasn’t talking about a man with the immaturity of a child.

If the Tea Party is racist, then why do they love Herman Cain, Col. Allen West, Mia Love, and Star Parker?  Leftists hate these conservatives irrationally and unconditionally, proving they are just bigots.  If Hitler was black, would you follow him?  All this rhetoric of war on blacks, women, homosexuals, and the poor is nothing more than Democrats dividing the people by distracting them over mediocrities while they dismantle the American Dream and install themselves as socialist dictators.

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