Liberal Democrats running economy like monkeys using a computer

Millions of liberals are waking up to the fact that ObamaCare is destroying the healthcare insurance industry to their stunned surprise!  The promises of their messiah that those who have insurance could keep their coverage, their premiums would go down, and the uninsured would be insured, are proving to be the scam that conservatives have said they were all along.  What is happening is exactly what conservatives said would happen when liberal Democrats institute a new government program.  People’s premiums are skyrocketing or their coverage is being dropped, and it is not possible to sign up for ObamaCare because the website is a disaster.

Obama so incompetent he couldn’t properly build a system designed to fail

Liberals, being who they are, believe they know how to make things better without understanding how they work.  Like a monkey at the keyboard of a computer, Democrats can push the buttons and make something happen, but have no idea what is going on and wouldn’t understand it if they did.  The ObamaCare website is only supposed to gather information and is an utter failure despite spending over half a billion dollars on its design.  Amazon, by comparison, designed a worldwide interactive website for one tenth the price.

Like all Democrat socialist programs, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, this new entitlement is only designed to do one thing; get more tax dollars from the people so Democrats have more to spend to buy voters.  The flipside is to blame Republicans for the economic destruction their programs inflict.  While the Democrats cast Tea Party conservatives as demons, Senators Cruz and Lee were the only two members of the Republican Party leading the charge to stop this disaster before it struck.  Instead, moderates of the GOP leadership, Boehner and McConnell, struck deals with Obama to get their piece of the Obama pie.

Being liberals, their solution is to spend another $50 billion dollars on the website to fix it, one hundred times more than already consumed by this money pit.  Conservatives say they can fix the whole mess for $0 by repealing the bogus law, but Democrats insist it must be repaired or something better offered, to which conservatives say baloney.  Just like jobs, millions more Americans are losing their health insurance, putting them in the position of being forced to beg from the government and thereby putting more voters under Democrat’s thumbs.  Liberals don’t care what damage is being done to the people, but how this will reflect on their precious imperious leader, Obama.

After vilifying Republicans for wanting ObamaCare delays, Democrats up for re-election asking for mandate and rollout delays to camouflage ObamaCare disaster

Liberal Nazis destroy employee for telling the truth to Hannity

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