ObamaCare: Mission Accomplished announces proud president

When President Bush stood under the banner announcing “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq, at least he was speaking truthfully that the mission to depose Saddam Hussein was accomplished.  But liberals made it a lie in that the war to subdue Islamist insurgency had just begun and they made it all about that.  The ObamaCare rollout is proving to be a train wreck of biblical proportions, if for nothing else than the amount of money spent just to gather basic information.  Hackers and identity thieves are already prospering from Obama’s signature legislation.  So what does Obama do but announce from the Rose Garden of the White House, not that the penalty insurance is having trouble and must be delayed, but that it has been a complete success.

Obama declares ObamaCare a success in the face of a train wreck

Liberal lies apparently go deeper than just taking credit for the success of others and blaming them for liberal failures.  They actually go so far as to take credit away from others for their successes and claim credit for success despite their own failures.  The only thing that could be uglier than people who use the bully pulpit of the presidency to announce a lie in the face of obvious failure, is those who believe in them believing the lies.

Putting insurance companies out of business and enslaving doctors and nurses

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