Putting insurance companies out of business and enslaving doctors and nurses

ObamaCare’s colossal failure is not an accident, which is why Obama is announcing it a success.  The plan is to unleash such hell on America’s healthcare system that citizens demand it be fixed, and the fix will be Democrats in charge of single-payer health insurance.  This fix will bankrupt every company that provides health insurance putting millions out of work and everyone will be forced to buy healthcare insurance from the new government monopoly.

Sen. Rand Paul warns of coming economic healthcare disaster

President Theodore Roosevelt legislated the anti-monopoly laws for a reason.  In the 19th century, Robber Barons accumulated wealth by creating monopolies of necessary products forcing people to pay extortionist fees.  Socialist governments, whether Communist, Fascist, or Nazis all created government monopolies whereby to control the people.  They were successful by blaming a particular group for the nation’s economic troubles.

Stalin blamed the Ukrainians and sent troops in to take their food, starving millions to death, while Hitler blamed the Jews and forced them into concentration camps with gas chambers.  All socialist countries exist by stealing the wealth from the people and forcing the population to obey the dictates of the leader or suffer the consequences.  Socialism is the fairest system of government in that everyone suffers equally under its iron boot.

Under ObamaCare, doctors and nurses will be forced out of private practice and become slaves of the state.  They will be forced to provide healthcare at the cost government chooses and treat the people government allows.  The good news is that for those who voted Democrat they will be getting what they voted for, while the rest will be forced to suffer along with them, and thereby socialism will make everything fair for everybody.

Dr. Ben Carson, “ObamaCare is slavery”

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