Conservatives can sink low like liberals, but liberals hold the depth record

The extent of the stupidity being bandied about the airwaves this month is a symptom of the disease that is rotting out America’s heart.  Liberals made such statements as, “The Tea Party would not have shut down the government if the president was white,” and “Republicans are protesting the shutdown they engineered,” plus Democrat politicians calling conservatives terrorists, criminals, and enemies of America.  These vacuous, petty, niggardly children are doing nothing more than stoking the fires of hatred in their own party.  They prove that liberal intellectualism is an oxymoron whose practitioners have nothing intelligent to say, only stones to be thrown at their glass houses.

Leftists call Tea Party racist southerners

The Tea Party is racist for wanting government shut down

Then there is Ann Coulter who attacked Newt Gingrich, the only conservative strong enough to force even moderate Republicans to accept a balanced budget rather than demand their share of the tax pie along with liberals.  Ann is one of those conservatives who strongly supported Gov. Mitt Romney from the start, but her conservatism is questioned by the Tea Party who stand behind conservatives who strongly defend America liberty.  Although Romney is an exceptionally good family man and conservative, his motives were questioned by conservatives for aligning with moderates against the Tea Party at the GOP Convention.

Anne Coulter says Newt Gingrich is poisonous to the GOP

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