ObamaCare website disaster a reflection of Obama’s presidency

Who could have known that the ObamaCare website would be an utter disaster despite costing five times more than worldwide interactive sites Amazon, E-bay, and Facebook cost all together?  Who would have thought that Obama would create a train wreck so that he could recommend the fix of single-payer government controlled healthcare?  Anyone who is not a low-information voter saw this coming five years ago.

ObamaCare a planned disaster

The record of the Obama agenda, trillions of dollars flushed down the toilet of green energy, unions, and business takeovers, all done while blaming Republicans for the economy he has molded, is another lesson in the rise of another socialist dictator.  Obama’s actions and speeches are all identical to his socialist predecessors, Mao, Stalin, and Hitler.  Anyone who is a high-information voter recognizes his leadership style from history.

Obama, the “new kind of politician” liberal media painted him to be has been running the same scam that every socialist dictator in the world has done.  He steals millions, billions, and in his case, trillions of dollars from the economy and wrecking it, then portraying himself as a victim as he blames his opposition for the economic disaster his policies have wrought.  Like lemmings, zombies, and cattle, the low-information voters that compromise the vast majority of Democrat voters amble along behind him believing everything they are told until they go over the cliff and the hammer falls.

Democrats like zombies

One would think Obama would pretend outrage at the train wreck that his signature legislation has become, but that is not the case because he is the Obama.  Commercials are being aired lauding the incredible success of ObamaCare, which has only procured 20,000 enrollees in three weeks.  People are finding out that ObamaCare is not the free, affordable healthcare system, that they are being dropped from their current insurance, and that ObamaCare doctors are actually HMO rejects, the insurance system that used Veterans hospital rejects who are too incompetent to survive in private practice.

Heritage mocks ObamaCare commercial 

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