Democrat loses it on MSNBC

Amazingly, some Democrats understand that America’s wealth is being stolen right out from under them.  What they don’t understand is who is doing it.  Dylan Ratigan lost it on his show when arguing with two women who didn’t get it, but rather than blame the president who is running the show right now, he laid it at the feet of all of Congress.

America’s wealth is being stolen

This poor liberal fool says that Democrat spending has to stop, but he then condemns those who are trying to stop them saying, whether this can is kicked down the road for whatever party has the White House in 2017 to deal with or if Republicans burn it down now, America must deal with this problem.  Giving President Obama a complete pass on the debt he has doubled since coming into office, and a deficit he increased to ten times the last Republican deficit, he ignores the fact that it is only Obama and the Democrats who drive up the debt and sucking the wealth out of the people with their taxes and spending.

Liberals do not understand that the goal of Barack Obama and the Democrats is to drive America over the brink and hopefully blame Republicans so they can gain absolute power over the people to do as they please.  Despite warnings from conservatives, liberals condone Obama’s actions not realizing that they are going to be the ones to pay for it.  Obama’s hope of scapegoating Republicans relies on their ignorance of government and business to bring down American and blame it all on “greedy Republicans” while he and his Democrat friends get fabulously rich.

Democrats are demanding a spending increase as part of a budget deal while Republicans are refusing their demands.  Moderates are wavering and ready to succumb to liberal media pressure, but Tea Party patriots are standing fast and are their candidates are the only members of the government who would balance the budget and stop the monetary hemorrhaging.  Obama’s hopes of scapegoating Republicans for the financial disaster he is orchestrating are slowly diminishing with his latest scams, his approval rating dropping to 37%.  Patriotic Americans wonder who is supporting the president in barricading American heroes’ memorials and refusing to reduce spending by one penny.

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