Republicans yield to Obama’s demand and he demands more

Following John Boehner’s shameful surrender to Obama’s demands to fund the government, true to his nature Obama rejected his surrender and now demands that Republicans roll back the sequester cuts and spend even more.  Moderates have once again betrayed their voters to the scorpion in the White House who has waged a propaganda campaign to demonize conservatives who stand against his stealing America’s wealth.  Liberals once again have succeeded in cowing the timid moderates that run the GOP, and once again having done so now demand more than before in order to continue their demonization campaign.

Obama does his ‘Lucy with the football’ again

Tea Party patriots are red-faced over the weak-kneed moderates pathetic impotence in the face of liberal lies and theft of America’s wealth.  While veterans occupied the National Mall to tear down Obama’s wall, the president quietly bided his time, called in riot police, and re-erected his barrycades against the people.  37% of Americans support the Democrats to their utter disgrace as the party of anti-Americans.

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