American pride: Veterans tear down Obama’s wall at monuments

Yesterday, tens of thousands of American veterans and other patriots gathered on the National Mall in Washington in defiance of President Obama.  Taking charge at the WWII and Lincoln Memorials, the gathering of the people, along with many Republican representatives including Sarah Palin who aptly nicknamed them “barrycades,” stormed the mall en masse, lifted the steel fences, and carried them to the White House to dump them unceremoniously on the president’s lawn.  Millions of Americans said they are infuriated with Obama, calling his act of barring them from national monuments petty revenge on America’s heroes and patriots for electing representatives to defy him.

Veterans march barrycades to White House

On October 1st, Obama had barricades emplaced surrounding the monuments in response to Republicans not agreeing to his terms to keep the government funded.  Republicans fully funded all government operations and asked only that the president revoke the waiver he gave Congress and his own administration from paying for ObamaCare, plus give all citizens the one year deferral from abiding by the ObamaCar tax law to all citizens that he gave to businesses and unions.  The Democrats rejected this request as the president announced he will not negotiate with Republicans saying he has no reason to offer them anything.  Obama has spent the last week excoriating Republicans as terrorists holding the people hostage threatening to burn down their house if they don’t get their way.

Veterans met by S.W.A.T. at barrycades

The barrycades have been erected around the monuments again this morning.  The White House says they do not have enough staff to “protect” these memorials, but they do have enough staff to erect barricades around them.  Patriots vow to tear them down again.

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