Determining Obama’s goal in creating this budget crisis

Why, after five years of refusing to pass a budget while funding trillion dollar deficits are Democrats now demanding Republicans sign off on their next trillion dollar deficit?  Why, when Obama is taking credit this year for halving the deficit he spent in his first year is he demanding Republicans sign off on increasing the deficit back to the trillion dollar level?  Why, when ObamaCare taxes are going to be leveled against individuals of the middle class who do not run businesses or belong to unions does he demand Republicans sign off on his taxation?

The answer to all of these is the same; Obama wants cart blanche in taxing and spending taxpayer’s money and be able to blame it all on Republicans whether they agree to it or not.  America is in a great depression, but Obama’s deficits have been masking the economic destruction Democrat policies have truly done to the nation.  Middle class income has dropped and U.S. credit ratings have dropped for the first time in history yet, despite the seeming recovery of Wall Street, the U.S. Treasury has been funneling electronic credit into the stock market in order to inflate the economy and avoid double digit inflation to go along with the double digit inflation.

Although the unemployment rate determined by the Democrat statistical manipulation appears to be low, there are more than ten million fewer people in the job market than there were five years ago, not counting those who would have entered had it not been for this depression.  In preparation for the upcoming 2014 mid-terms, Obama and the Democrats have determined that they must find a way to hang the deficit on Republicans, or default on the debt and hang that on them, or both.  Obama has no intention of bargaining away anything he demands but will insist on dictatorial powers over American’s money to either get his way or let the U.S. go down in flames and use Republicans as his scapegoat for either.

What is Obama’s goal?

This generation of Democrats were born and bred in the socialist sixties when the communists realized that the best way to defeat America is to corrupt its youth.  This generation of Democrats is determined to fundamentally transform America from a Christian capitalist land of liberty into a socialist dictatorship, and they have chosen Obama to be the face of that change for the obvious reason that any criticism of him is said to be racist.  They say the Tea Party conservatives, the movement that began when Obama signed the first trillion dollar deficit budget for 2009 that Democrats withheld from President Bush, is just the new KKK and doesn’t despise Obama because he’s a socialist spend thrift, but because he’s a n*gger.

The fraud that Democrats are perpetrating on the American people is going to cost them their liberty as well as their wealth unless the Tea Party stops letting the GOP leadership fall in behind Obama, who is leading from behind, and stands firmly in his path to stop him.  His barricading of monuments is just a symptom of his detestation and corruption of America and what will come if he achieves his goals.  Conservative Christians of the Tea Party are the last, best hope of saving the nation that is the last, best hope of freedom in the world.  The Tea Party is not n*ggerizing Obama, Obama is n*ggerizing America.

Democrats say Tea Party’s demand for a balanced budget is delusional

Sen. Ted Cruz confronts Obama

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