Obama’s take no prisoners propaganda, the pothead calling the kettle white

Who can resist making a joke at Obama’s racist B.S. in his continually portraying the Republicans as rich old white men being extremist terrorists trying to hold the people hostage and extort money from their benevolent dictator?  When confronted by George Stephanopoulos about saying he will not negotiate with Republicans, Obama went into his shtick saying he was trying to save the American people from the Republican’s budget that would bring more taxes and higher deficits.  Since the Democrats have not passed a budget in five years, but simply spent trillions in deficit dollars through C.R.s, the only conclusion that can be reached here is that Obama is manufacturing another crisis with which to blame Republicans and turn American anger on the GOP for the 2014 mid-term elections.  Obama hopes to regain control of the House of Representatives so he can rule without interference as he did his first two years when he foisted ObamaCare on the backs of taxpayers.

Obama says his tax breaks for unproductive companies must continue

Having given tax breaks from ObamaCare to all businesses, unions, and Congress, Obama insists on unloading the ObamaCare tax on the middle class.  As Republican congressmen have been saying, this will be the greatest tax increase ever inflicted on the middle class.  While the liberal media is totally in the tank to advance the Obama propaganda machine, moderates in the Republican Party are showing signs they are ready to fold as conservatives demand they stand against Obama’s continuing his reckless spending spree and stop being his scapegoat.  Liberals, who make up 20% of the population demanding the U.S. become a socialist dictatorship, are vilifying conservatives, who make up 40% of the people, as extremists unrightfully demanding government balance their budget and stop confiscating huge taxes from taxpayers.

Rush Limbaugh sheds light on the situation


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