When Obama der Fuhrer plays savior; Obama’s war on America

Where President Bush waged war on the enemies of America, President Obama is waging war on patriotic Americans with the approval of his leftwing fascist zealots.  Barricading national monuments, holding national park visitors at bay at gunpoint, and denying military benefits to fallen soldiers.  Despite Republicans passing a bill on Sept 30 before the shutdown, Obama denied death benefits to fallen soldiers so he could feign surprise that dastardly Republicans would do such and thing and reinstate them through his beneficence.

A war president!  Obama sets out to destroy patriotic Americans

Liberals fascists applaud Obama

Telling the cameras that he is surprised Republicans would not fund American soldiers whose sacrifice so honors this great nation, President Obama vowed to correct their egregious error in the wording of their bill to pay soldiers, especially the families of the fallen.  Who he believes he is fooling with this BS he doesn’t care, so long as the liberal media portray him as the savior instead of the instigator.  White House attorneys said the wording of the bill did not cover every eventuality and could not help but interpret the bill as denying death benefits.

Obama’s spin earns him ten times more pinnochios in his last two years than Bush received in his last two, despite liberal media bias.  The president is going so far as to order the CDC to stop administering flu vaccinations.  This is why giving government power over your healthcare is a stupid idea.

Weaving a web of lies, Obama spins his negotiating “style”

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