Weaving a web of lies, Obama spins his negotiating style

With $17 trillion in debt and trillion dollar a year deficits behind him, Barack Obama looks ahead to increasing the debt limit which he says will not increase the debt – until he spends it.  Obama’s first deficit was $1.4 trillion in 2009.  Although that budget should have been President Bush’s, the Republican refused to fund such opulent spending by the Democrat Congress.  So Speaker Pelosi withheld the budget to have Obama sign it, and he blames it on President Bush.

“Don’t pretend America’s going bankrupt at a time when the deficit’s been cut in half.” – Obama

When lying it is always best to tell a truth so you don’t get so many pinnochios from Washington Post Fact Check.  Obama’s deficit for 2013 was $750 billion, half of his first deficit thus fulfilling his campaign promise to halve the deficit.  That deficit, however, is ten times higher than the last Republican budget.  He set a record deficit cut by setting a humongous record deficit.  Congratulations are in order.

Obama labored to explain to Xbox players his version of how government works, telling them that Republicans demanding to negotiate the budget is the same as a person negotiating to buy a house with the choice of sell at his price or he’ll burn it to the ground.  This Chicago gangster mentality comes from the same man that said, “Don’t pretend America’s going bankrupt…”

Sixty million Americans voted for Obama’s revenge and now they’re getting it through their choice of president who refuses to negotiate with Republicans unless they yield to all of his demands.  In other words, after they bow down to him as “good Republicans” in liberal minds, he may throw them a bone following America’s economic collapse from catastrophic debt.

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