Battle between Obama and Boehner over who is more two-faced

President Obama and House Speaker Boehner (R-Ohio) are in a contest to prove who is the more two-faced when it comes to dealing with America’s most patriotic citizens.  The Tea Party stands for Christian conservatives who struggle to bring government back under control.  This grass roots movement of patriots sprang into being following the 2008 elections in which Democrats took the White House and a Supermajority in Congress, using that power to bring the 2009 budget that Speaker Pelosi (D-Cal.) withheld from President Bush to have Obama sign the largest deficit in history, $1.4 trillion dollars.

When he ran for office, Obama promised to halve the deficit by the end of his first term.  People believed he was talking about the last budget with a $450 billion deficit that the Democrat controlled Congress had passed in 2007, which was three times more than the last Republican deficit of 2006 that was just $167 billion.  Last week, Pelosi lauded Obama for halving the deficit they blame on Bush but was their own.

So disingenuous is their claim that the fury in the Tea Party rose to a new pitch and, with the rollout of ObamaCare’s huge tax increase on the middle class, screamed for their candidates to take action.  Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), acting against the Republican leadership, took to the floor of the Senate in a filibuster of ObamaCare which has already been irredeemably corrupted by Obama giving waivers, subsidies, and deferrals to businesses and groups of his choosing leaving the middle class individuals to foot the bill.

With his action, the Republican leadership was forced to take a stand on the budget, the first budget that the Democrat Senate has offered to pass in the last five years having operated illegally without a budget since Obama’s mega-deficit.  This has led to an all-out war between Democrats and Republicans in which the President closed national monuments, actually putting up barricades to deny citizens access.  While doing this, he allowed illegal aliens to hold a rally on federal land, and sent reinforcements to keep WWII veterans out of the WWII Memorial.

Obama’s dictatorship, warring on Americans while exalting illegals

The president’s approval rating dropped to 37%, which was glossed over by liberal media who touted that Republicans are to blame for the shutdown and despite all the closings that have been put into effect by the Obama administration.  Speaker Beohner, taking his cue from Obama on taking credit for the success of others, disparaged the Tea Party yet again, as he did during the 2012 GOP Convention that resulted in six million conservatives staying home, and belittled the efforts of Sen. Cruz in getting the movement to abolish Obama’s corrupt legislation.  Boehner has always acted against conservatives starting with ousting Newt Gingrich because he forced Congress and President Clinton to balance the budget.

Republican moderates disparage Tea Party success

Moderates in the Republicans Party do not act as conservatives to reduce wasteful tax spending, but are more liberals-lite in that they are happy getting their share of the loot.  While liberal Democrats, who now dominate their party, are very pleased with their party stealing more from the taxpayers to redistribute to them.  These people make up the 37% who approve of barricading memorials, withholding military pay and benefits, and cry traitor at Republicans for not giving them free reign to take all the taxes they want.

Liberals continue to demonize the Tea Party as the new KKK, yet the birth of the Tea Party movement following Obama’s first trillion dollar deficit, plus their continued efforts to determine Democrat tax increases like ObamaCare, put the lie on liberal’s lips.  Liberals always try to talk like conservatives when they are campaigning, but always prove they are against everything that American patriots and their families represent.  Liberals like Obama go through great pains to appear to be patriotic while they erect barricades around memorials and spit on fallen soldiers, but their malicious duplicity will always be exposed in the end, and only their anti-American zealots will adhere to them.

Veterans march on Washington

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