A war president! Obama demands unconditional surrender

Rush Limbaugh says he believes that, “Little Barry is coming unglued.”  Obama is using his “toned down rhetoric” to denounce Republicans as “terrorists” taking Americans “hostage” to demand “ransom.”  He condemns their request for negotiations as “insane” threatening to use a “nuclear bomb” on the government budget to cause “chaos” leading America to “disaster.”

The president said he is always “happy to negotiate with Republicans,” but only after they pass his budget in its entirety without alteration, raise the debt ceiling to permit more spending, and surrender to his demands unconditionally.  At his last press conference he shunned reporters until they stop reporting he has any responsibility for the shutdown, barricading monuments, shutting down national parks, and pushing people off of federal land.  Polls that originally said 40% of people blame Republicans and 30% blame Democrats now say 70% of people blame Republicans and 60% blame Democrats.

Tweeters questioned Obama’s policies:

Tim asks; “Why is it, Mr. President, okay to raise the debt ceiling now, but a failure of leadership to raise in 2006?”

Senator Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling every time it came up and called President Bush’s $4 trillion dollars of deficits “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic,” even though $3 trillion of that debt was accumulated when Democrats controlled half or all of Congress.  He now says it is an act of terrorism to condemn his already $7 trillion dollars of additional debt, which is on track to be $10 trillion by the time his second term ends.

Kathleen asks; “Why couldn’t I keep my healthcare plan that I liked and how am I saving with a 50% increase?”

As the 20,000 pages of ObamaCare regulations go into effect, people are finding out exactly what they are getting for their Democrat vote.

Tracy asks; “What was the motivation behind delaying ObamaCare for businesses and not citizens?”

Fox and Friends recounts Obama’s smear campaign

Obama says that raising the debt ceiling does not mean there will be more debt.  He threatens repeatedly that America will default its financial obligations to pay lenders, the military, and Social Security.  The IRS, however, continues to operate and collect $250 billion in revenue a month, which constitutionally must go first to pay the $24 billion a month, then military pay, and then Social Security and Medicare before any discretionary spending.  But the president has final say on how government spends the people’s taxes.

When he was Senator Obama, he said he would change the tone in Washington, and he has succeeded in making the tone more hateful than ever.  Obama defined the Tea Party as the leaders of the terrorists to supporters.  Obama’s zealots are ready to tar and feather Republicans and run them out of town on a rail, then round up Tea Party members for the gas chamber.

Rush Limbaugh observes that Obama is the most dishonest president ever

Erin Burnett says Obama’s shutdown is the president’s show

Fallen soldiers denied burial benefits

National Mall opened to Illegal aliens with Democrat’s blessing while WWII Memorial remains barred despite Republican efforts

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