Legacy of 44th president – Obama closes monuments to America’s heroes

As punishment to Americans for electing any Republicans to office to defy his dictates, President Obama announced that he will not negotiate with them to fund any of his agenda.  After saying he has no reason to offer Republicans anything after rejecting their request to give citizens the same one year deferral from paying for ObamaCare that he gave businesses, Obama shut down 20% of the government.  But his closings did not end with sending 800,000 government workers on furlough guaranteed to get back pay when they return.

Obama had barricades erected around the WWII Memorial to keep veterans of America’s Greatest Generation from visiting to the monument built in their honor.  He has closed Yellowstone National Park and blocked the roads leading up to Mount Rushmore with police.  The president has outlawed fishing in the Everglades causing massive economic destruction to restaurants and tourism there.  Worse, Democrats closed federally funded cancer treatments for children, and when asked why they wouldn’t at least fun that, Democrat Senate Majority Leader responded, “Why would we want to do that?  I have 1100 people from Nellis Air Force Base sitting at home.”

When confronted the next day after making their callous remarks, Obama said he has bent over backwards for Republicans and is more than willing to negotiate if they concede to his demands.  Reid said, of course he cares about children as he has grandchildren of his own.  But none of his grandchildren have cancer.

Republicans went so far as to offer to fund all of Obama’s agenda if he would revoke the waiver from ObamaCare that the president gave to all members of Congress, their staffs, and his own administration.  Obama refused their bill saying they were trying to fund the government piece meal.  If ObamaCare is so great for America, why isn’t it good enough for Obama’s own family to help pay for it?

The legacy of Barack Obama is compared to former presidents like Reagan who lowered taxes and generated an economic boom, like Bush 41 who won the Gulf War, like Clinton who raised taxes, but yielded to Newt Gingrich to balance the budget, and Bush 43 who won the Iraq War, lowered taxes, and kept the economy going despite the costs.  Barack Obama’s legacy is trashing the economy to the point it is “the new normal,” blaming Republicans for all the ills of the world, and closing America’s memorials and monuments to the patriotic citizens, and, oh, yeah, he killed bin Laden.

Never in American history has a more destructive, anti-American president been re-elected to continue his destruction.  Could Obama’s transformation of America in his image be any more ugly?  With more than ten million Americans permanently out of work, millions more on food stamps and disability, middle class income down for the first time in a century, and the largest tax increase in history for ObamaCare, the Democrats are winning the War on Poverty making more Americans poor than ever, and successfully blaming Republicans with the help of liberal media.

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