Megastorm Obama striking the United States

As a consequence of shutting down 20% of the federal government, Barack Obama has not only ordered barrycades erected around national monuments, but put police around the entrances to America’s state parks.  Not only are they stopping sightseers and vacationers, they are shutting down businesses that are quickly going bankrupt in those areas.  To top it off, the president is closing fishing industries, forbidding them to use federally controlled waterway.  The result of this will be decreased food production for Americans and financial damage to restaurants and grocery stores around the country.

Liberal media leads the charge in Obama’s war on the taxpayer

Democrat zealots continue to believe the president’s “toned down” rhetoric and blame the Tea Party and Republicans as demons destroying America.  GOP leaders in Congress sit helplessly waiting to hear from the president who says he will not negotiate on his budget.  Their choice is to either bow to the Obama dictatorship or be the scapegoats of Obama’s destruction.  Like Nero when Rome was burning, Obama fiddles while burning down the economy in his efforts to make the government shutdown as painful as possible, urging people to pressure Republicans to yield to his will.

Though ObamaCare is called the “law of the land,” Obama has been cherry picking who has to pay for the new entitlement and who gets waivers, subsidies, and deferrals.  Obama has signed over 900 executive orders, more than ten times all the executive orders ever signed in the history of the office, to inflict his dictates on the American people.  Despite petty infighting in the Republican Party, the party is united, at long last, to stand up against Democrats war on the taxpayer.


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