Republican Establishment wimps ready to fold

Moderate Republicans are quaking in their boots over the government shutdown and the liberal media laying blame for the closing of monuments and state parks on them.  Rush Limbaugh, as a leading voice in for Tea Party conservatives, spoke against their weakness lambasting their repeatedly bad advice that has been empowering the Democrat Party to believe they can assault and insult patriotic Americans to the extent that they can barricade national monuments.  Republican leadership in the Senate and House have repeatedly laid down for Obama as he spent trillions of deficit dollars without a budget, raising the debt ceiling for his insanely wasteful spending, and now want to cave in to allow ObamaCare’s huge tax increase while taking their own presidential waiver from paying for it.

Rush blasts moderates and liberals in the Republican Party

Conservatives are the only ones who believe government should be conservative in spending the people’s money.  While liberal Democrats believe all the people’s money belongs to them to spend as they please, moderates simply want to be the opposing party who chooses on what to spend tax dollars.  This battle over the federal budget, the first being fought in five years as the Democrat Senate has not passed a legal budget but illegally operated on continuing resolutions to spend as they please, was kicked off by the filibuster of courageous Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz who refuses to bow to Obama’s dictates.

Obama spends his air time lying to the people, as usual saying he didn’t say what he just said, and claiming that he never said he would not negotiate with Republicans but has bent over backwards for them.  In all his years in government, Obama has cast Republicans as demons calling Bush’s deficits “unpatriotic” and then running up deficits ten times higher than Bush.  Democrats are coming to realize the damage that ObamaCare is going to do to themselves, causing union leaders to go to Obama for waivers and getting them, along with waivers the president gave himself, Congress, and businesses, leaving the rest of the people to pay as they continue to suffer in the Obama economy.

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