Obama owns America – in his madness, King Barack attacks Sen. Ted Cruz

Yes, it’s true.  As Rush Limbaugh put it, little Barry is having a tantrum because Republicans, following the fearless lead of Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) won’t bow to his dictatorship.  President Obama is going on television to tell Americans that the barrycades around memorials and police at the entryways to national parks is all Republicans’ doing.  Despite the fact that only the Commander-in-Chief can authorize such action since lawmakers in Congress cannot command civilians or police to do anything, liberal media misses no opportunity to say Republicans are the evil doers closing these federal monuments and mocking anyone who says it is their messiah.

Democrats want to shut the country down

Obama says he is happy to negotiate with Republicans, yet he began negotiations saying that he will give nothing, so his idea of “negotiating” is apparently telling them how it’s going to be and then running to the cameras to say Republicans are traitors listening to Tea Party demons.  Obama has started saying that the end of world is here if Republicans do not yield, saying the government will default on its financial obligations, senior citizens won’t get their checks, and the world economy will collapse.  Obama zealots – Obamabots – are standing steadfastly by their king and demanding Republicans spend more than a trillion dollars over tax revenues as Obama has done each of the last five years.  Democrats say nothing can be cut from the federal budget, which Obamabots applaud ignoring the fact that six years ago the federal government functioned well while conducting two wars.

Democrats desperate to destroy the fearless Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz

While Obama is promising to default on America’s debts the IRS continues to take in taxes.  Republicans offered to fund every bit of Obama’s agenda but asked the citizens be given the same one year deferral from paying for ObamaCare that Obama gave to businesses, contrary to the law he passed in 2010.  Democrats cut off funding even for children’s cancer treatments and when asked why they would not accept Republican funding for that, Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-Nev.) said, “Why would we do that?”

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