Memorial March – a big F U to Obama and the Democrats, storm the barrycades!

Since closing down the government, Obama and the Democrats believe they have the power to close down America and keep Americans out of the memorials of their heroes.  Defying the president, WWII veterans breached the barricades around the WWII Memorial with the help of Republicans who the press and Democrats blame for the shutdown.  Never in the history of America has a memorial been blocked by barricades that are coming to be known as barrycades in honor of the man who erected them.

Democrats have closed the memorials to America’s heroes.  It is time for patriots to stand up and march on Washington once again, knock down those barrycades and declare to Obama and the Democrats that America is still the land of the free and not the freeloaders.  American patriots, stand up and take America back from the tyrants controlling the White House and the Senate and give them a great, big F U!  Storm the barrycades every day and knock them to the ground.

The Senate Democrat Majority Leader has said he would rather see children die of cancer than concede anything to Republicans.  The President of the United States says he will concede nothing, but demand his wishes be obeyed as dictator, and promises to make this shutdown as painful as possible to the American people, up to and including stopping Social Security checks to seniors.  It is time for American patriots to stand up and give the president and the Senate Democrats a great, big F U from the American people.

WWII Memorial barrycades now bound by wire

Park ranger says Obama said to make life hell for patriotic Americans

Tell this president his dictatorship days are over!

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