LIbEraliSm – the truth as only Leftist Nazi Democrat thugs can see it

In the course of Obama’s government shutdown, liberal Democrats have revealed themselves to the world that their ideology are those of nefarious deceivers who care nothing for anyone or anything except themselves and their twisted beliefs.  From the start, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi have engineered a storyline wherein they shut down the government and commit a series of malevolent acts for which they blame Republicans in order to demonize them.  All the while Republicans act honorably in the best interest of all Americans, yet the liberal media conceals the truth and broadcasts the lies to perpetuate the wicked dictatorship of the Left.

Timeline of government shutdowns:

1980s – Democrat Speaker Tip O’Neil shut down the government twelve times during the Reagan administration to force the president to agree to excessive Democrat spending that drove the National Debt up a trillion dollars for which they blamed on President Reagan.

1995 – Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich shut down the government for thirty five days during the Clinton administration to force the president to reduce spending and sign a balanced budget for the next four years for which Clinton takes credit.

No monuments were closed to the public during those times.

September 30, 2013 – Republicans in the House of Representatives make several offers to the Democrat Senate to avoid a government shutdown.  Democrats, who haven’t passed a budget in the last five years, refused every overture.  The last offer was for Congress, along with Obama and his administration, to reject Obama’s presidential waiver from ObamaCare, plus give every individual citizen the same one year deferral from paying for ObamaCare that the president gave to businesses.

October 1 – President Obama furloughs 800,000 federal employees and orders barricades to be emplaced around every national monument in Washington, D.C. and blames Republicans for shutting down the government and putting these barriers in place.  At the WWII Memorial, veterans, with the help of Republican congressman, broke through the barricades to visit the memorial.  President Obama recalled additional park police and ordered the barriers reinforced.

October 2 – veterans again go through the barricades while Republicans in the House send a bill to the Senate to fund children’s cancer treatments that have been halted under Obama’s government shutdown.  The Democrat Senate rejects the bill.

October 3 – Reince Priebus offers to fund WWII Memorial security for a month.   At the Capital, a reporter ask Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) why he wouldn’t fund the children’s cancer treatments to which he answered, “Why would we want to do that?  I have 1100 people at Nellis Air Force Base sitting home.”

The people at Nellis were furloughed by Obama and will receive back pay when government resumes.  The children cannot get back treatments for cancer.  Reid calls this political gamesmanship and says Republicans are obsessed with destroying Obama healthcare for the poor.  The truth is, under Democrat rule, this is the kind of healthcare treatment the poor fools can expect.

Reid spurns cancer treatment for children

This liberal Democrat troll, leader of the Senate, then went in front of cameras again to say it is Republicans who will not fund cancer treatments, and this is what liberal media reported.  While this was happening, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus offered to fund WWII Memorial security for the next month from GOP funds.  Following Reid’s gaffe in speaking the truth, liberals immediately pounced on Priebus condemning him for not funding cancer treatments. 

Reince Priebus offers to fund WWII Memorial security

Attempting to put the onus on Priebus as pandering and condemning him for not funding cancer treatments is pure misdirection and misinformation to distract from the absolute evil of the Democrats.  The Left would be only too happy for any excuse to steal funds from Republicans just as they did the Tea Party during the last four years.  They are the people who believe that stealing is righteous just as their Leftist socialist predecessors, Mao, Stalin, and Hitler, whom they idolize, did.

The Nazi Leftists would be all too willing to steal everything from the Right, including their lives, to advance their cause.  Just ask any Democrat you know if he thinks the Tea Party should be rounded up, have their wealth confiscated, and introduce them to gas chambers.  Their answer will be no surprise.  ObamaCare will give them that power over the public.

There has been, and will not be, any condemnation of Reid by the Left, nor any apology coming from him, just excuses.  Seizure of American’s healthcare is only the first step in establishing a dictatorship.  Obama’s demand for a national gun registry is no less diabolical as has been proven in Canada.  This is how we know that martial law under the new Nazi regime of the Democrat Party is coming.

National gun registry to confiscate weapons

Liberalism in perspective

In the first 48 hours after the shutdown began, all the networks save FOX laid 100% of the blame for the shutdown on Republicans who have no power to shut down the government.  Democrats have not passed a budget in five years.  Why would they allow themselves to be held to this one?  The only answer is because they wanted to so they could blame Republicans and start their 2014 campaign.

Democrats don’t care to end stand off

Closing memorials has never been done and, again, Republicans have no power to order barricades put in place.  Yet Obama is blaming them for memorials and parks being barricaded.  How dim-witted is the general public that they miss the obvious.  When Democrats know that the media is produces 12 stories a day blaming Republicans, why would they care?  Anyone who votes Democrat deserves all the suffering that Democrats send their way.

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