STORM THE BARRYCADES! End Obama’s tin pot dictatorship


Obama erected barricades around Washington monuments as part of his shutdown of the government in revenge for Republican attempts to defund ObamaCare.  Veterans took the barrycades from the WWII Memorial and dumped them at the White House while Democrats protested that it’s all the Republican’s fault.  Despite the stupidity of Speaker Boehner accepting the blame, veteran’s know who the petty child was that shat on them.

President Obama, the Commander-in-Chief, and Leader of the Free World is ruling America as a tin pot dictator rules a banana republic.  This petty, little man has barricaded the memorials of America’s heroes, heroes that he, by his very actions, spits upon.  Obama and his America haters are punishing the people because Republicans will not yield to his dictatorship any longer, and he is blaming them for the barrycades he has erected.

Obama erects “barrycades” around America’s memorials and parks

Democrats are spewing hateful rhetoric, which Obama claims he has “toned down” as he portrays Republicans, and especially the Tea Party, as demons.  No matter how softly this tin pot dictator speaks, he carries not a big stick, but a whip he is using on the people to bow to his will.  Never in the history of the United States has any president been so callous and niggling as this man who was raised an Indonesian Moslem with no respect for America’s heroes.

Obama’s rise to power is laced with his vicious character assassinations of all of his opponents because he brings nothing to the campaign, not a single personal achievement besides convincing simpletons to elect him.  Now he seeks to rule with an iron fist and whip patriotic Americans down.  It’s time to stop the dictatorship of little Barry and put an end to the despotism of Barack Obama.

Obama’s war against the Christian God in the military

Benghazi – from delusion to damnation, from heroism to betrayal

The right to war!  Beating the war drums in America against Jihadis

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