WWII vets storm Obama’s barricades in Washington! Libs blame Republicans

Hundreds of World War Two veterans showed up on October 1 to visit the WWII Memorial Park in Washington, D.C.  On orders from President Obama, park officers erected a barricade around the outdoor memorial park and put extra manpower in place to keep citizens from gaining access.  Veterans appealed to the White House for permission to enter the grounds but were denied.  Republicans congressmen showed up at the site and assisted veterans in removing the barricades to allow them to walk the grounds of the memorial.

WWII vets defy shutdown and storm WWII Memorial

Despite several attempts making offers to Democrats in the Senate, House Republicans were slapped down as President Obama said there is no reason for him to give them anything.  Republicans final offer to the Senate was a bill to revoke waivers the president gave to congress and his administration releasing them from ObamaCare laws and mandates, plus a deferral for all citizens of one year from complying with ObamaCare just as Obama gave to businesses.  Democrats in the Senate rejected these and kept their waivers.

Obama kicks off 2014 campaign demonizing Republicans

True to form, the liberal media did not report any of this, but instead reported that Republicans shut down the government and erected the barricades, then tried to make political hay by showing up to break them down.  The federal government was shut down by Democrats twelve times under President Reagan when he refused to give Tip O’Neil the deficit spending he demanded that ran up the National Debt.  In each of those instances the public was largely unaware of the closing, and the president met every day with Democrats to work things out.  Obama refused to meet with Republicans or concede on any part of his budget, which still reeks of trillion dollar deficits, until public pressure forced him to the table.  The Democrat Senate has not passed a budget in five years.

Liberal media blame Republicans for closing federal parks 

The liberal media knows they are part of the Democrat Party, that they don’t report the truth and are deliberately lying to the public to propagandize for them.  Liberal ideology never debates conservatism because they always lose, so keeping people from listening to conservatives is their only recourse.  Liberals must demonize the honest and honorable people of the world in order to advance their agenda.  If you cannot tell the difference between the Left and Right, lies and the truth, then you are part of the problem.

Liberal media’s deliberate misinformation campaign

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