Obama kicks off 2014 campaign by demonizing Republicans in government shutdown

The federal government has shut down over refusal to negotiate over ObamaCare in next year’s fiscal budget.  Obama and the Democrats, along with the entire liberal media, are laying blame for this fiasco on Republicans, demonizing them as the party that wants to deny people healthcare, let them die in the streets, hold the economy hostage and blow it to bits if they don’t get their way.  Obamabots and low information voters will believe their accusations, but what percentage of the population do they make?

Obama plays himself off as reasonable while demonizing Republicans

Republican leadership is quaking in fear that Obama will be able to make his charges stick and incite the people to once again give Democrats absolute power in the 2014 elections.  Democrats had that power in 2009 when Obama was elected with a Supermajority in the Senate giving him the authority to force ObamaCare down American’s throats.  The question is, will they fall for his charade and give him that power once more?

Despite appearances, Republicans have no power to do anything in government, let alone shut the government down.  How could they, by holding the budget hostage?  Since when does the budget matter to Obama Democrats?  The Democrat Senate and Obama administration have been operating without a budget, illegally, for the last five years, and Republicans have been helpless to do anything to stop them.  Why the hoopla over the budget now?

The answer is because Obama is using the budget, the debt ceiling, and ObamaCare to cast Republicans, conservatives, and the Tea Party as demons trying to destroy his America.  Obama’s America is not the land of the free and home of the brave that patriots have loved all their lives, but an abomination molded in his image to be the socialist dictatorship in which Obama rules as king and makes taxpayers his slaves.  Is that an exaggeration?

Like his Affordable Healthcare Act that has been destroying jobs and insurance companies, Obama’s entire ploy is to confuse the people who don’t know anything of what is going on in their government except for what he tells them.  With the help of the liberal media, he is convincing them that he is acting for their benefit when the reality is his policies are tearing America down.  Republicans have failed over the past five years to expose the Obama agenda and hold him accountable for the economy.

Each time they have challenged Obama, he has stonewalled them and they have not had the courage to call his bluff.  This time they are standing in front of Obama trying to halt the coming train wreck.  The question is, will they have the courage to boldly hold him to account or will they fold once again?

Democrat Senate votes to keep their ObamaCare waivers and screw the people

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