Obama sends more reinforcements to close WWII Memorial than he sent to Benghazi

Not to be undone by WWII veterans, on day 2 of the government shutdown President Obama recalled some furloughed federal employees to reinforce national park officers.  His mission was not for the safety of citizens, but to reinforce those officers who failed to keep WWII veterans out of the WWII Memorial, yet the veterans invaded again.  On this third day, Obama has called on union workers who received ObamaCare waivers to bring clubs to stop the octogenarians.  Should they fail, there is speculation Obama will bring in National Guard troops loyal to him with orders to shoot to kill.

Obama’s shame

Veterans vow to visit the memorial despite Obama’s petty childishness

When Republicans cut spending in Wisconsin, Democrats shouted “shame” at them.  Obama deserves far more for his disgraceful treatment of American patriots.  Despite all the evidence of Obama wrecking the economy while bankrupting the treasury and destroying America, Democrat zealots adhere to their president and his modern tax slave law.  Expect there to be some dead WWII veterans defending their right to visit the memorial erected in their honor, killed by the president that sixty million anti-Americans re-elected to exact their revenge.

Democrats bring in union members to protest WWII vets

Obama said in an interview last night;

“During the course of my presidency I have bent over backwards to work with the Republican Party and have purposely kept my rhetoric down.  I think I’m pretty well known for being a calm guy.  Sometimes people think I’m too calm.  Am I exasperated?  Absolutely I’m exasperated because this is entirely unnecessary.”

American’s have had glimpses of the rage within Obama, but he understands that it is easier to stab someone in the back if you do it with a smile as you hug them.  In all his years in politics Obama has demonized Republicans at every turn, insulting and vilifying conservatives and the Tea Party as terrorists and a national threat.  His Democrat zealots may swallow his sh*t, but right thinking patriots know him for what he is.  Obama’s capacity for duplicity is pathological.

The WWII Memorial is funded almost entirely by private contributions.  Patriotic Americans see through Obama’s façade and his charades, but do not realize to what extent anti-American forces have gathered in the Democrat Party.  America stands on the cusp of collapsing from the corruption Democrats have wrought to rot out the heart of American culture.

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