Republicans final offer to Democrats to avoid shutdown, give up your waivers

Last night, Republicans in the House made repeated efforts to Democrats in the Senate to make a budget deal to avoid a government shutdown.  Despite not having passed a budget for the last five years, Obama and the Democrats demanded that Republicans give in to their demands and refused to make any concessions.  The final offer Republicans made was for Democrats to relinquish the waivers the president gave them to be exempt from ObamaCare regulations and taxes.  This offer included giving the public at large the same deferral that Obama gave businesses, one additional year from complying with ObamaCare tax laws.  Both were rejected and Democrats shut down the government.

Rush Limbaugh on Democrat motive for shutdown

Rush Limbaugh declared that Democrats wanted to shut down the government to demonize Republicans as wanting to take healthcare away from people so they die.  Obama, he says, believes the media hype that the last shutdown in the 90s harmed the Republicans who were trying to force Clinton to accept a balanced budget.  Then Speaker Newt Gingrich stood firmly against the president resulting in an increase in Republican congressional seats in 1996 and a balanced budget for the next four years.  Limbaugh speculates whether the Republican leaders of today will have the same backbone to stop Obama who has stood as an immovable object to all their attempts to negotiate.  Limbaugh says Obama never displayed leadership, but has all the traits of a banana republic dictator with whom people are becoming fed up with his childish tantrums.

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