If Obama government is shut down, America will be destroyed by Republicans!

At least, it will be according to Barack Obama and the Democrats.  Obama has said that never in the history of the United States has one party held the other to ransom in Congress.  For that remark, the Washington Post Fact Checker gave him four pinnochios for telling a blatant lie.  In 2007, Democrats threatened George Bush with defunding the troops fighting in Iraq during the surge that won the war in that country unless he approved their budget which had a deficit that was three times greater than the last Republican budget.

The next year they would withhold the budget from him and give it to Obama to sign with a $1.4 trillion dollar deficit.  Obama would later earn another four pinnochios for claiming that the budget belonged to Bush and that he was reducing the Republican deficit.  Pelosi would earn more pinnochios claiming that Obama halved the deficit as he had promised when he was elected.  But that was not until after tripling the deficit of the previous year, and ten times the last Republican deficit.

Republicans, Obama and the Democrats say, will destroy the economy if they force Obama to shut down the government.  The liberal media has done an excellent job of scamming for the president who, with his Democrat cronies and liberal media allies, has trashed the economy so badly that the recession never ended.  But by continuing to pour a trillion dollars of monopoly money into the stock market, putting America’s children and grandchildren into lifetime debt, he succeeded in masking his economic destruction.

Liberals portrayed the Bush economy as bad and the Obama economy as good, yet the total number of employed grew under Bush and has fallen under Obama, along with middle class incomes.  Democrats, with the help of the media, successfully blamed the mortgage crash they caused on Republicans to get themselves elected to power.  ObamaCare and the highest tax increase in peace time America was the result.

The vile, hate filled rhetoric of liberals is nothing short of an abomination of American culture, demonizing anyone who does not bow to their agenda to remake America into a socialist dictatorship.  Having the bloated Democrat bureaucracy shut down is a blessing to the people.  The corruption of Obama in giving waivers from ObamaCare to his friends while foisting the financial burdens on the citizenry are the most disgusting and niggardly acts of a banana republic dictator.

Obama gave businesses a year’s relief from obeying the mandates of the law, yet he shoves those mandates down the individual citizens throats by rejecting Republican demands that they, too, be given a deferral.  Republicans also called on Senate Democrats to accept the mandates the president waived for them, yet they stood fast and rejected that demand.  Obama and the Democrats, the so-called party of the little guy, is sh*tting on the heads of every citizen who does not have his nose up the president’s a$$.

Democrats demonize Republicans as terrorists

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