Obama shafts the little guy, rejects Republican negotiations

Last night, Republicans in the House of Representatives repeatedly submitted proposals to the Democrat Senate and the president to forestall ObamaCare mandates on individuals.  President Obama has already given corporations a year’s deferral from complying with ObamaCare mandates, but will give no such deferrals to individuals.  Republicans also submitted that the president withdraw his waiver for members of Congress and his administration from ObamaCare to have that thrown out by Democrats in the Senate as well.

Obama rejects negotiations and blames Republicans for government shut down

Obama has been speaking all week about the effects of a government shut down and casting Republicans as the instigators.  Yet Democrats have not made any offers or suggestions on which they were willing to negotiate leaving Republicans to negotiate with themselves on what they want.  No matter what proposals Republicans offered to help individuals who will have to start paying for ObamaCare or pay the penalty next year, they were talking to a stone wall of Obama Democrats.

Should no accord be reached by midnight, the federal government will shut down.  The latest poll shows that 46% of Americans will blame Republicans for a shutdown while only 36% would blame the president and Democrats.  Tea Party websites have all been condemning the president for giving Congress and his administration exemption from paying for and complying with the ObamaCare law.  Despite Obama giving corporations and Congress waivers, and deferring the business mandates of ObamaCare for a year by executive order, Republicans are given no credit from the public for coming to their defense demanding that Congress and the president’s administration share the burden of the people.

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