Republicans continue to battle the slavery of ObamaCare

Since the founding of America, conservatives have fought against slavery.  Because the economy of the South was based on agrarian slave labor, the North was forced to concede to allowing slavery to form the Union.  It took four score years before the issue came to a head and America went to war with itself.  In that war President Lincoln was able to exercise the will of the new conservative party called Republicans over the Democrats to pass the Emancipation Proclamation and install the 13th Amendment in the Constitution.

With the economy of the South destroyed, it was another hundred years before generational healing took place and oppression of the descendants of former slaves slackened.  Since that time, Democrats have fought harder than ever to regain control of government to exact their revenge.  That control did not come from the South which replaced Democrats with Republicans, but from the North that replaced Republicans with Democrats.

Democrats reformed their slave labor in the form of voter slaves for government handouts.  The Democrat Plantation now expects that their new ObamaCare law, their replacement for slavery laws making the taxpayer the slave laborers to pay for the healthcare of their chattel, is the unchallengeable law of the land upheld by the Supreme Court.  Just as the Dred Scott decision upheld slavery in a 19th century Supreme Court, this new law is no less a violation of the Constitution, which declared that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Sharpton declares ObamaCare immutable law of the land like slavery

Former Democrat Speaker Pelosi had the impudence to declare that Republicans hate Obama because he’s black and speaks eloquently and is effective.  Obama has been nothing more than a duplicitous panderer who demands his way, always hiding his rage against white men and sh*tting on everyone with whom he comes in contact with a façade of being calm and reasonable.  Obama eloquence is used to best effect on his own supporters whom he feeds a sh*t sandwich and convinces them it is the new steak just as Col. Allen West said.

Pelosi says Obama eloquent and effective

Obama campaigned on being “a new kind of politician” who will reach out to the other party to negotiate for a better America.  Instead he has divided the nation more severely than ever before and refused to meet with Republicans to work out any deal.  Political negotiations do not exist in Obama’s Washington.

Obama refuses deal on debt ceiling/ObamaCare funding, will shut down

Republicans, rather than unite to stand against this abomination of the American Way, have also become more divided than ever.  The GOP is divided between moderates who dominate the party and would yield to the radical liberalism of Obama, and conservatives who would stand against him to retain America as founded.  Obama’s corruption of America to transform her into a socialist dictatorship is too abhorrent to consider, yet moderates believe that letting him get his way will open the people’s eyes to the destruction he is causing.  Conservatives say that they are and will remain blind, even re-electing him after he has trashed the economy, and that allowing the implementation of ObamaCare and the rest of the Obama agenda will be the death knell of liberty.

Republicans fail to unite

There is no doubt that the debacle of ObamaCare is designed purely to lure Americans into the deadly trap of single payer health insurance with the government as the overseeing bureaucracy.  Such a monopoly by those who would force citizens to do their bidding is a design for slavery of the taxpayer, ending in a dictatorship that will require force to overthrow.  If conservatives cannot take firm control of the party once again, there will be little choice in the future to avoid the collapse of the U.S. of A.

Only Republicans the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan have ever stood against the tyranny that Democrats have struggled to form since America’s founding.  Since founding the Republican Party, Lincoln eliminated slavery, Roosevelt destroyed the slave labor or monopolies, and Reagan took down the confiscatory tax rates of Democrats.  To stop the healthcare slavery of ObamaCare will take another great conservative to stop the expanding tyranny of leftist government.

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