Republicans are raping the people according to liberals

On Hannity Wednesday night during a group debate about ObamaCare, FOX News liberal contributor Tamara Holder said that Republicans are raping the American people by holding ObamaCare hostage and tying it to the budget.  Jemue Green agreed and echoed the president adding that Republicans are terrorizing the public.  Billy Cunningham chastised both for their extreme views demonizing Republicans.

Tamara Holder says Republicans are raping the people

Cunningham declared that Democrats are the ones raping the people by stealing a trillion dollars a year through borrowing from the Federal Reserve putting taxpayers and their children into generational debt.  Most of this money has been going into the Stock Market to artificially prop up the Democrat economy in which ten million Americans who used to have jobs are now sitting at home.  As the borrowing continues and taxes for ObamaCare deepen, the people will begin to feel the pinch, but not until the law goes completely into effect will they realize how badly they are totally screwed.

Obama is delaying implementing employer mandates until after the 2014 elections in the hopes of winning back the House and having total control of government before voters feel the full effects of this entitlement.  Democrats hope to shut down the government and deny military pay and Social Security benefits, despite the law that says these must be paid regardless of any shutdown.  Obama hopes to make people suffer so badly that they demand that Republicans relent and fund ObamaCare.  Liberals saying Republicans are holding the people hostage are projecting themselves on the opposition as they hold the people hostage to give government more money or suffer.

Hannity ObamaCare debate


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