Obama negotiates – yes to Iranian nukes, no to Republican lower taxes

Barrack Obama (aka Barry Sotero) was raised a Moslem in Indonesia who came to the United States and joined the church of Black Liberation Theology.  In that religion, Jesus is not the Messiah, but is portrayed as a poor man of color oppressed by rich white people, the same view of Jesus that is held by Mohammad.  So is it any wonder that Obama sees Christian conservatives of the Tea Party and Republicans as the evil of people of the Earth with whom he will not negotiate, yet is all too willing to negotiate with Iranians to have nuclear weapons?

Obama negotiates with Iran

As in everything Obama, what he says and what he does are opposite.  He says he does not want Iran to have nukes, but does want them to have nuclear power from which nukes can be developed.  In the U.S. he objects to Americans building nuclear power plants just as he objects to Americans developing oil and coal resources, thereby reducing the energy consumption of America causing the economy to languish.

Moslems, who make up less than 1% of the population, are demanding their religion be followed by the government so that schools close for Islamic holidays.  There are many Moslems who object to Islam being portrayed as a wicked religion because a few Moslems committed the atrocities of 9-11, and they want to make that day about accepting Islam rather than condemning it.

Moslems want American schools to close for Islamic holidays

Muslims want to make 9-11 about them

Conservative Christians that compromise most of the Tea Party have been battling against Obama’s fundamental transformation of America into another failed socialist state.  Obama is hell bent on converting America in his image under his dictatorship, to beat down the capitalist system by which America has become the envy of the world, and install Islamists to promote Islam as the religion of his choice.  Christians would sooner secede from such a state than be part of those enslaved by the new socialist dictatorship of Democrats.

Tea Party would rather secede than be part of another socialist dictatorship

Obama believe white men created an unjust nation that he intends to rectify by reversing the founding of America.  He would change from a free capitalist state, wherein anyone can prosper by their own efforts, into another socialist utopia where taxpayers become slaves of the state to pay for his voters.

On January 1, 1863, a white man delivered black men from slavery to Democrats in the United States.  On March 23, 2010, a black man pressed white men into slavery to Democrats through ObamaCare.  If Lincoln could have foreseen this day, would he have fought the war to stop the Southern secession?

Obama quotes Islam vs. Christianity

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