GOP and Obama in life and death struggle

Republicans have voted to defund ObamaCare while funding all the rest of Obama’s big government programs.  Obama says he will shut down government if Republicans don’t fund ObamaCare.  Which is blackmailing the other?

ObamaCare has already had devastating consequences to the economy with many businesses reducing the hours of employees and cutting benefits.  Even unions screamed that ObamaCare would destroy the forty hour work week.  But they, like many other corporate entities as well as all members of Congress and their staffs, went to Obama directly and begged for exemptions that he granted.

This leaves all the remainder of Americans to fund ObamaCare.  If you don’t kiss Obama’s ass, you get the shaft.  ObamaCare was meant to insure the thirty million people who were not insured.  What it is being revealed to be, this bill that no one was permitted to read before Democrats passed it, that has expanded from a thousand pages to over twenty thousand pages of rules, regulations, exemptions, and subsidies, is the ice berg that will sink the American economy more completely than any other entitlement.

Medicare is being defunded to fund ObamaCare.  Seniors who worked for fifty years to pay into Medicare for their retirement are now being called on to pay for the moochers who don’t bother to work at all.  Seventy percent of Americans are against this entitlement that has been a train wreck in progress from its inception.

Yet all Democrats and Obama can say is that any attack on this new entitlement is a personal and racist attack on America’s first black president.  This entitlement was no different when Bill and Hillary Clinton tried to pass it in the nineties.  The only thing black about it is the insidious duplicity with which it has been foisted on the American people, and the only thing not black about it is the budgetary baseline.

Obama vows to shut down government and make people suffer if Republicans don’t fund ObamaCare and blame them for the pain he causes the people.

This is the reason Obama vows to obsess over disarming Americans who may rise up in rebellion as Democrats seize power to rule over the American people.

It is against the law for the president or anyone in government to not pay soldiers, Social Security, or any debts if the two parties cannot agree on a budget.  Senate Democrats have not passed a budget in five years, yet continue to spend American’s money plus borrowing an additional trillion dollars every year.  That extra money is being pumped into the stock market to artificially buoy the economy that Democrats have been trashing for the last seven years and continue, to this day, to blame Bush.

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