Obama can shove ObamaCare and his waivers up his A$$

Conservative taxpayers are pissed!  A month ago union bosses were crying that ObamaCare would ruin the forty hour work week as businesses cut back employee’s hours to avoid ObamaCare taxes and regulations.  Last week they went to the president and came out of the White House with big smiles having gotten waivers for their unions from ObamaCare mandates.  Many corporations and even Congress have gotten similar waivers from paying for or participating in ObamaCare.  If ObamaCare is so wonderful, why are these people begging for waivers to be exempt from it?

If ObamaCare is so wonderful, why the waivers?

The Affordable Healthcare Act is meant to have 100% of the people participating and paying for health insurance so that everyone can afford it.  Yet premiums are going up for everyone, and those who are not being granted waivers are carrying the load for everyone that is being exempted by presidential favoritism.  The American taxpayer, 70% of the population that are not members of unions or favorite corporations or the government, are up in arms over the corruption and dictatorship of Barack Obama!

Democrats have proven that it is they who are the culture of corruption.  Republicans, who say that it is the responsibility of citizens to work for a living and pay their own way, are being labeled the villains who want people to die without healthcare.  Yet the system by which 90% of the population has had health insurance is being destroyed in the name of insuring the 10% who refuse to provide for themselves but expect government, their fellow citizens, to provide for them.  Obama tells the people this battle to defund ObamaCare is all about giving him a hard time because he’s black.  Those who do not pay income taxes don’t care that he has doubled the federal debt in just five years and that the children of taxpayers will be paying for his corruption for the rest of their lives.

Republicans in the House passed a budget funding every big, wasteful government project Obama wants, but refused to fund ObamaCare and inflict the biggest peace time tax increase in history on the American people.  Obama wants that money and will shut down the government and illegally withhold military pay and Social Security benefits from citizens to deliberately blackmail them to force Republicans to bend to his will.  The Constitution was written so that no one man may assume dictatorial powers over the nation, yet that is exactly what Barack Hussein Obama is doing in his quest to transform America into another failing socialist state.

Democrats announced that they will not pass the bill in the Senate, which has been operating for the last five years illegally without a budget racking up trillion dollar deficits each year.  Reid (D-Nev.) says he will not bow to Tea Party anarchists and that ObamaCare is “the law of the land” upheld by the Supreme Court.  Tea Party patriots replied that they will not bow to dictators and that slavery once also once “the law of the land” upheld by the Supreme Court and it will not be again.

Democrats will not bow to the will of the people

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