Putin puts Obama, Kerry, and Reid to shame

Secretary of State John Kerry, now the lead Democrat anti-American military dove in the Obama administration, proposes that attacking Syria for using chemical weapons is not going to war.  In an effort to gain the support of the American people, Kerry made U.S. military action out to be so small as to be nothing more than a slap on the wrist for Assad.  When you slap an evil man, would you be surprised when he punches you in the face?

Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-Nev.) said that the threat of force is what brought Syria to the negotiating table which conservatives to laugh at his obvious attempt to save face for Obama.  President Obama himself made a dull speech contradicting himself about the seriousness of the threat Syrian use of chemical weapons present while saying he will do nothing.  Polls show that 60% of Americans do not believe Syria presents a sufficient threat to other nations to warrant going to war.

Unlike the wars under President Bush, Obama’s wars are all involving America in the internal conflicts of sovereign nations to further the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists around the world.  Afghanistan had the Taliban who harbored Al-Qaeda who attacked the United States in a surprise terror attack twelve years ago that killed some 3000 Americans.  Iraq had been at war with their neighbors Iran, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, plus used chemical weapons on tens of thousands of its own Kurdish population.

Liberals supported the war to overthrow Saddam for his use of chemical weapons, but later objected on the basis that the weapons were not found.  Now they want to slap another Moslem leader believing he used those weapons, but not to depose him.  In both Iraq and Afghanistan, governments were brought to power that worked to suppress Islamist aggression, though both are under intense attack by terrorists attempting to overthrow those governments.  This proposed attack on Syria presupposes that Assad will do nothing or is impotent to defend himself, a fine recipe for the loss of American servicemen.

By contrast to Bush, Obama has enabled Islamists to take over Egypt, helped them in the Libyan civil war to over throw Qaddafi, and has been sending troops into African nations to stop Christian rebels to Islamist oppressors.  The results of these speak for themselves as a year later the Muslim Brotherhood stormed the walls of America’s embassy in Egypt to tear down the American flag and raise the flag of Al-Qaeda on American soil.  Worse, those in Libya launched a full assault on the embassy in Libya killing the ambassador and three other Americans including two former SEALS who went to the embassy’s defense against Obama’s orders and sacrificed their lives to save the other forty members of the staff.  As those men fought for nine hours begging for aid, Obama went to bed to rest up for a fund raiser in Las Vegas with Reid.

Following Kerry’s and Obama’s speeches declaring Assad’s guilt in using chemical weapons, Assad gave an interview in which he denied that it was him that used the weapons but rather the Al-Qaeda rebels.  Putin not only embarrassed Kerry saying outright that he lied about having any evidence of who used the chemical weapons, he shamed Obama for attempting to take credit for Putin’s diplomatic solution.  Obama’s shame is America’s embarrassment as the leader of the free world using diplomacy over force in this scenario is a man who spent most of his life in the KGB oppressing free peoples in Eastern Europe.

Putin puts Obama in last place

Obama earned his title of President Dunsel as he spoke at the 9-11 saying he hopes to make America a country worthy of the sacrifice of those who died that day.  Those of the Right who love America were deeply insulted that the leader of the Left believes this great nation is not worthy, especially of those who have died in the name of freedom that American represents.  The shame of Obama is that he is a man who is so far left that he is never right and has made a fool of, not only himself, but of all of America.

Conservatives mock liberal support of Obama’s war effort

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