Obamabots just a bunch of Obamaboobs

Liberals are making their typical wrong-thinking judgments about conservative views.  Democrat Al Sharpton is labeling the GOP to be so “deranged” when it comes to Obama’s policies that they are “embracing” Russian President Putin.  When only Obamabots are so foolish as to believe in Obama’s diplomatic abilities as anything more than those of a naïve ideologue, conservatives see a rerun of the 1930s when leftist socialists of all denominations followed one another to war.  At that time Communists were starving their own people, Nazis were inciting the hatred of the Jews while elevating themselves as the master race, and Democrats were stealing wealth from entrepreneurs to fill their own pockets.

Obama was made a chump by Putin over Syria’s chemical weapons, which Obama stupidly tried to play off as master diplomacy making him look all the more the fool.  GOP recognizing Putin’s vast superiority in diplomatic maneuvering over their childish messiah leads them to attempt to chastise Republicans for “embracing” Putin.  As any competitive athlete knows, recognizing a superior opponent is not the same as being buddies with him.  Democrat failure in dealing with domestic economy and foreign policy are driving America and the world down the same path of destruction as FDR did in the 1930s.

Sharpton says GOP “derangement” so high they embrace Putin

Comedian and leftist mocker, Bill Maher, makes fools of liberal fools while making a fool of himself.  Saying that America’s Syria policy makes America look like George Zimmerman, “itching to use force and then pretending we had no choice.”  This analogy is as devoid of logic as the Obama administration’s foreign policy.

Maher compared the Bush policy of using the NSA to find terrorists to be morally abhorrent to Obama’s policy of using the NSA to find Tea Party conservatives.  He declared that Republicans only object to it because the president is black.  Former GOP Chairman Steele said only idiots believe that to which Maher proudly proclaimed, “I’m one of those idiots.”

Mistaking good sense of conservatives for liberal nonsense

Meanwhile, liberals in Congress are working to have the internet and all media outlets being used by Americans to express their opinions regulated by the government, allowing only those “licensed” by Democrats to be permitted to post anything regarding politics.

Conservatives exposing these hypocrites is why liberals want to silence the majority 

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