Liberal ideology of climate change and the science of self-delusion

Liberals believe they are the fundamental believers in science, yet when it comes to climate change they believe in everything but science.  By whatever measure they can use, mankind is responsible for the warming of the planet.  They believe that this warming will eventually make the polar caps melt causing the global conveyorthe flow of oceanic currents, to stop flowing and cause the next Ice Age.

Their lack of science leads to their belief that cold water sinking is what pushes along the warm water and keeps the Earth warm.  The Earth in the past million years has spent 90% of the time in ice ages with warm periods of only a few thousand years in between.  During ice ages most of the habitable land masses of the planet are covered in thick ice and snow leaving the equatorial region the only temperate zone in which mankind can survive.

Somehow, they believe that man’s burning of fossil fuels, oil and coal, are causing an increase in CO2 in the atmosphere and that is cumulative, and that this will create a greenhouse effect warming the planet to destruction.  Over the last century, mankind’s CO2 output has increased exponentially with industry and fossil fuel usage.  They believe that this increase will tilt the balance of the planet’s ecosystem warming the poles until ice caps do not form and cold water does not melt to cause the global conveyor.

This theory sounds valid to those with minimal scientific understanding as everyone knows hot air rise and cold air descends causing thunderstorms in the atmosphere.  But that is not how water works.  Water only becomes denser just a few degrees above freezing, but when water freezes it floats as do ice cubes in a glass.

The other factor which these science adolescents do not know or comprehend is the Coriolis Effect.  This, like the history of America, is not being adequately taught in schools because it destroys the liberal ideology of man-made global warming.  The Coriolis Effect is caused by the rotation of the Earth beneath both gaseous and liquid elements on the surface causing them to swirl.

When the Earth spins, these viscous elements are not as firmly attached as land masses are, so they themselves spin about on the surface.  The air spins more swiftly because it is a gas, while the oceans spin more slowly and are affected by land masses which they must pass around.  Just because the planet warms does not mean that the Earth will stop spinning.

The other fallacy is that burning causes the generation of CO2 accumulating in the atmosphere that will trap heat and warm the planet.  Carbon dioxide is a trace gas in Earth’s atmosphere with 95% of CO2 being generated by the process of decomposition with 90% of it coming from the oceans.  Mankind’s additional 5% from industrial burning of fossil fuels, of which automobiles compose just 6%, is thought to be “tilting the planet out of balance” by its accumulation.

When it was pointed out to them that CO2 is what green plants thrive on and are responsible for converting into oxygen, they then declared that mankind was destroying the world’s forests.  From building cities to cutting down the Amazon rainforest to increasing the size of deserts due to warming, they believe man is destroying the oxygen generating system of the planet that will eventually make the atmosphere unbreathable.  This ignores two factors; one, that people are planting trees and saving them from burning much faster than they are being consumed, and second, that the planet will take care of itself and produce more greenery to absorb the increased CO2.

In any case, liberals believe they are destroying the planet by burning fossil fuels.  To combat this, liberal scientists are concocting all sorts of solutions that not only require people stop using fuel oil and coal, but finding alternative “green” energy to replace them.  Since coal produces most of the electricity in the United States and nuclear power is abhorred by the Left, this also means stopping the use of electricity to power lights, air-conditioning, and even electric cars meant to replace gas-fueled vehicles.  As oil and coal are the fuel of the engine that has produced the greatest increase in wealth and technology in the history of the world, liberals are looking to “bio-fuels” to solve their energy problems.

The problem with so-called bio-fuels is that they are nothing more than using one means of burning organic matter to replace another.  Coal and oil and nothing more than organic matter decomposed into the earth and altered by millions of years seeping through soil.  Only organic matter burns at low temperatures and most of liberal’s “solutions” are to use other organic material to burn for energy, which still generates CO2.

In addition, oil makes many more commodities than just gasoline, such as plastics that are used in 85% of products made today.  Coal and oil meet all of the energy needs of all industrial nations and is both cheap and abundant compared to green energies.  Green energy by comparison is expensive, inefficient, and more a political tool whereby the government convinces ignorant people to give them more money in taxes to “save the planet.”

The final proof in the fallacy that mankind can affect the climate of the planet, aside from the obvious fact that man was not involved in any of the previous ice ages, are the means by which global warming scientists say they can correct the problem.  If there were any more insane, inane, or ridiculous ideas to decrease mankind’s CO2 output, they would be hard to imagine.  From pond scum to cow farts, the solutions of these “scientists” defy intelligence and merely expose the ruse by which they milk taxpayers dollars out of people’s pockets.

Now here is the ominous truth.  All of these billions of dollars being conned from gullible Americans and Europeans are being used to build replica western cities in southern China that are currently ghost towns.  They believe that these cities, far south of where polar ice will be in the next ice age, will be there to house the elites and their families when that ice age comes.  Liberal’s “love of humanity to save the planet” is nothing more than a scheme to swindle people of enough wealth to have homes for themselves when the current warming period ends.

Chinese ghost cities

In the final analysis, global warming is a fact, it is liberal science that is a myth.  Science is not open to political consensus, but based on provable facts.  Theory and a consensus of votes are not science.  Though they will not admit it, the Earth has been cooling over the past fifteen years contrary to their “science.”

The liberal elites are so foolish as to believe the world will go into the next ice age and they have prepared the cities for themselves in anticipation of their need for survival.  Believing in the “science” of “The Day After Tomorrow” is about as pragmatic as believing in any other aspect of liberal science – the same science that mystics throughout history have believed.  Believing that they can fool all the people all the time because they can fool some of the people all the time is not physical science, but the psychological science of self-delusion.

Bio-fuels – burning food for fuel

Liberals believe bio-fuels from corn are the way to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.  There are two problems with this.  First and foremost is they are burning food!  If this were not stupid enough, they are still burning organic matter and producing the same CO2 they say is causing man-made global warming.  Even if corn crops covered the country, it wouldn’t be enough to fuel America’s cars.

Pond scum – doing the organics of God

Obama suggested that algae, or pond scum, could by synthesized into fuel.  Again, they are still burning organic matter.  Secondly, oil and coal are organic matter that has decomposed into the earth.  Why do synthetically what God has done naturally?

Panda feces – just breed a few billion of them

Of all the bone-headed ideas, burning feces for fuel, especially from the rare Panda, has got to top the list of galactically stupid ideas.  These people are not capable of smelling the sh*t they are shoveling.

Cow flatulence – fearing cow farts

Liberals believing that cow farts, or any other methane expulsions from living organisms, can be controlled or eliminated goes against all biology of living organisms.  Not to mention that if cow farts are to be feared, what about all the other living creatures on the planet?  The beef industry has their new motto to combat Chik-fil-A.  Perhaps they should make their own contribution to eliminating man’s CO2 output and stop breathing!

Wind, waves, and warmth – so-called renewable fuels for toy cars

The Left thinks that electric cars are the solution, but want to eliminate coal which powers America’s electricity.  Power from wind, waves, and thermal energy is so small as to be insignificant in comparison to fossil fuels.  Only 1% of America’s energy comes from these sources.  So when electricity becomes immensely rare and expensive, Obama’s friend, G.E.’s CEO Immelt, will become immensely rich.

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