Obama’s ‘spine of steel’ a thread of spaghetti used to whip Republicans

After making his school boy threat of crossing the line, President Obama is backing down from the “Red Line” that he set last year meant to intimidate Syria’s President Assad from using chemical weapons against Syrian rebels.  Now Obama is setting up Republicans to take the blame for his foreign relations failure in not taking action following the use of chemical weapons that killed some 1400 Syrian men, women, and children.  As Assad has been winning the war against the insurgents, why he would resort to using a chemical bomb on so few people is not clear.  Saddam Hussein gassed rebellious Kurds by the tens of thousands and nothing was said or done to stop him.

Obama sets the “Red Line”

Obama commits himself to holding the line against chemical weapon use

The problem for Obama is that, while he is ready to commit America’s air force and military to support the Islamist rebels, there is no evidence who unleashed Sarin gas on the population.  Since the rebels captured a government arms depot last year that contained chemical weapons, conservatives surmise that it was Al-Qaeda that used the gas to frame Assad and goad the U.S. into acting as their air force.  Because Al-Qaeda, like the Vietcong, are more than willing to sacrifice their own people for their cause, no one in the intelligence community believes Assad acted, but that Moslem terrorists happily murdered hundreds of women and children to give Obama a reason to assist them.

Obama now says he did not set a red line that would ‘change his calculus,’ but that the world set the red line on chemical weapon use.  After backing down from acting solo, Obama announced that Republicans are responsible to take action and is set to blame them for not holding the line he now denies having set.  Most are disinclined to help just so Obama can save face, but the moderates leading Congress like Boehner, McCain, and Graham have already thrown in their lot with Obama and announced their support.

Obama sets up Republicans to blame for his weakness

Only conservatives are speaking out against Obama’s juvenile actions.  Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) threw Obama’s own words from Bush years back at him when then Senator Obama condemned Bush for the Iraq War.  While Democrats were all standing against America’s interests under the Republican president, even to the point of hoping the U.S. military failed and suffered massive casualties, now are ready to go it alone “making the Bush coalition,” in the words of one reporter, “look like the League of Nations.”

Rand Paul throws Obama’s words back at him


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